Flos Carmeli

Flower of Carmel

Flos Carmeli was used by the Carmelites as the sequence for the Feast of St. Simon Stock, and, since 1663, for the Feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel. It also appears in an ancient metrical office of Carmel as an antiphon and responsory. Its composition is ascribed to St. Simon Stock himself (ca 1165 - 1265).

FLOWER of Carmel,
Tall vine blossom laden;
Splendor of heaven,
Childbearing yet maiden.
None equals thee.

Mother so tender,
Who no man didst know,
On Carmel's children
Thy favors bestow.
Star of the Sea.

Strong stem of Jesse,
Who bore one bright flower,
Be ever near us
And guard us each hour,
who serve thee here.

Purest of lilies,
That flowers among thorns,
Bring help to the true heart
That in weakness turns
and trusts in thee.

Strongest of armor,
We trust in thy might:
Under thy mantle,
Hard press'd in the fight,
we call to thee.

Our way uncertain,
Surrounded by foes,
Unfailing counsel
You give to those
who turn to thee.

O gentle Mother
Who in Carmel reigns,
Share with your servants
That gladness you gained
and now enjoy.

Hail, Gate of Heaven,
With glory now crowned,
Bring us to safety
Where thy Son is found,
true joy to see.


Flos Carmeli perfromed by Rosa Mystica Girls' Society, for Discalced Carmelite Nuns, after a traditional Latin Mass, at the Monastery.  Circa 2008

In His JOY,

We Continue to Strive to be TRUE Friends of the Cross ~ Thanksgiving & An Update

My dear brothers and sisters, have faith in the word of God, for the Holy Spirit tells us that when we suffer cheerfully for God, the cross is the source of every kind of joy for all kinds of people. The joy that comes from the cross is greater than that of a poor man who suddenly comes into a fortune, or of a peasant who is raised to the throne; greater than the joy of a trader who becomes a millionaire; than of a military leader over the victories he has won; than of prisoners released from their chains. In short, imagine the greatest joy that can be experienced on earth, and then realise that the happiness of the one who bears his sufferings in the right way contains, and even surpasses, all of them. 

  ~ St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Letter to the Friends of the Cross


My family has been showered with countless blessings during our recent trials.  The greatest blessing has been the life that continues to grow within – I am still pregnant. Deo gratias! I continue to rely on His grace. 

JOYfilledbaby7weeks5daysduejan2015I have not miscarried as indicated with my earlier diagnosis. We were able to see our little blessing along with a heart beat at 7 weeks 5 days.

I’ve attempted, on several occasions, to give an update and share my family’s sincerest thanks for all the charity.  Here is my heart that I shared with my dear friend seeking to console me several weeks ago.

I have been so taken by everyone's generosity.  I feel completely unworthy and not entirely in need.   I realize that my family's needs are real but they seem so insignificant when I look around.  I'm left speechless but filled with emotions.  It is humility like I've never known.  I'm praying hard to remain joyful in the present moment, fighting seeds of resentment (scattered by the Evil One) for the wrongs done to us, and running from glimpses of despair as I begin to manifest what may lie ahead.   I'm left praying with every step and breath I take.  His love sustains me and his grace keeps me from becoming paralyzed.  I see clearly just how small I am.  Truly, I don't want to leave this place.   There is peace that transcends all worldly understanding.

There has been much change in my spiritual progress but not much by way of the physical.  My attempts to extend a full update and offer words of thanksgiving continue to seem so inadequate.  So little in comparison to the generosity that has been extended to us – words are not enough at this time.  The only real thanks I can offer is to continue to pray for all our spiritual and physical benefactors. 

My family will continue to pray for you in our daily rosary and family devotions. We will also be offering Masses for you.


Storming Heaven

Thank you all for the continued prayers and generous offerings. Thank you to my dear friend, Melody, for sharing my story when I could not.  She respectfully left out a special detail...I am pregnant.  Gary and I found out this blessed news on Monday morning, the same day that my family was hit with the devastating blow.  My husband and I immediately said a prayer of thanksgiving and consecrated our precious new life to Jesus, through Mary.  

I was told yesterday that I have/will be miscarrying.  Please, if you could, spare another prayer for our precious gift and us.  My family is praying for a miracle and hoping that the diagnosis was wrong, only time will tell.  

Trust that you remain in our prayers. We will continue to unite our sufferings to His Most Holy Cross for your intentions.  


In His JOY,
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