Crown of Thorns

My GFG attended Mass and our parish's monthly homeschool day. They always look forward to this date. It's a great motivation tool for school work!

Sparkles and Sweetie made a
salt dough crown of thorns. They embellished the crown with blood (red food coloring). Each thorn (toothpick) was inserted in anticipation of their sacrifices that they will make for our Lord throughout the Lenten season. Their goal is to remove all the thorns by Easter Sunday. They will then decorate the crown so it is fit for our King, Lord Jesus Christ.

Rose started a new art project. She is creating an Icon. She completed the 1st step (sketching) and is working on step 2 (painting). Her art skills have flourished with the wonderful direction of her instructor.

Papi was the supervisor and he dabbled in all projects.

Finally, Father M gave Lenten talks to all the children. Praise the Lord for our priests!


  1. that is AWESOME that your parish has a homeschool day!! looks super fun.

  2. It is great fun. Praise be to God for our Priests!......and the mom's who coordinate the day.



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