An Evening of Blessings

Rose and I went to the Ballet to see Romeo & Juliet. Rose's Confirmation Sponsor was in the production. The evening was full of blessings.

We initially planned to attend at a discounted rate (that would fit into our budget) but we were running late and thought we would miss the rush ticket sales. We arrived and hurried through the rain to the ticket sales office. We waited and waited and......waited in line. I became a little anxious (patience is one of my many crosses). As I continued to wait, I was tapped on the shoulder and before I could turn around I heard, "Have you already purchased your tickets?" As I turned and began to inform this lady that I had not purchased my tickets, she handed me an envelope with two tickets. I couldn't thank her enough. God is good!

We headed for our seats. I opened the envelope to see where we needed to enter. The tickets read, level 1 row 3 and had a $30 ticket price. God is very good!

Once we were seated Rose and I took a moment of silence to give praise and thanksgiving to Our Lord.

The ballet was splendid and enchanted Rose. After the ballet we visited with Rose's sponsor/friend and family. We were glowing with JOY! Praise be to God for giving us this opportunity to be together for a JOYfilled evening.
On our 45min drive home Rose shared her most memorable event of the evening and began to analyze the story of Romeo and Juliet. After about 10 min on the highway we were interrupted by a beeping and flashing red light coming from the dashboard. It indicated that the car was overheating. We pulled over to the shoulder and gave a call home. Rose was a tad nervous since we were out so late with car troubles and no dad. This was my first time handling car troubles on my own without my DH or father available. Not to worry, God was with us. After all, he had given us a clear indication earlier in the evening that proved to offer us enough graces to sustain us through this minimal but real trial. After 1.5 hours, several failed attempts to open the car hood, and 3 different stops, we purchased the correct anti-freeze. The car became stable and we made it safely home. God is most graciously gooooooood!

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