Exercise Program

Part of our Lenten program is exercise. You would think this would be easy for us since both my DH and I were competitive and collegiate athletes. Quite the contray. In fact, it has been more difficult for us to maintain an adequate level of fitness. We are both used to demanding training that is not conducive to our current state in life. In the past, we have burnt out on too rigid of fitness programs. It either took too much time or was too hard on our body, too soon. We have been all or nothing.

This is a new season for us! We will be using the
couch to 5k program as our primary fitness plan. My DH will also continue to play basketball at a local parish with the priest and parishioners. I will supplement with Winsor pilates. We will do our primary fitness together as a couple with the goal of glorifying God with the gift he has given us, our body. It is also our goal to grow in relations with others (primarily each other and our children). I will also plan workouts for Rose and I.

We do not use a gym. Sometime ago we had a conviction that our time needed to be spent with family or together as a couple and not outside the home (for one more activity). Furthermore, we did not want to be put in the occasion of sin (with the music, TV, and inappropriately dressed people) at a typical Gym. Lastly, we couldn't justify the expense on our already modest budget. We were confirmed in our conviction through prayer and a talk given by
Steve Wood. PBTG!

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