St. Patrick's Feast Day Celebration

We made it!!! Our GFG woke up rearing to be out doors for this splendid feast day. We manged to get out at a decent time but.......we should have taken better care in preparing the directions. The drive took us 2.5 hours. It should have only been 1.5 hrs. Sparkles and Sweetie both became car sick. We're talking full-blown car sick. Sparkles was ready to turn back for home. We were too. In fact, just as we were getting ready to stop at a State Park for or own impromptu feast day celebration, we saw a law enforcement office. My DH went in for directions (what an act of humility). They informed him that our desired destination was only 10 min from us, going towards home. With the girls feeling better we decided to make one last effort. Finally, we found the site. PBTG.

All the families had started on the hike. My DH took Rose, Sweetie and Sparkles on their own hike. I stood back with sleeping Papi. To no avail, he woke up within 10 minutes. I should have went on the hike. My husband and GFG hiked for 1.5 hours. They saw the other hikers/families but continued on their own to complete the entire hike. They must have been running on graces because they didn't take water. He didn't expect to be on the trial for so long. Sweetie, our 3 year old was a trooper. They all returned HOT and parched but they were so thrilled that they finished the hike. Sparkles brought back flowers for me.

The scenery was breathtaking. Here are some views.

We went on to the lake for a boat ride. I was so surprised when everyone cheered to go to the lake. I thought for sure, they would want to head back home for the scrumptious St. Patrick's cupcakes that Sweetie and Sparkles made. They even ate their lunch in the car on the drive to the lake. This just confirmed to me that they need to be out doors more. They love God's wondrous creations and fresh air. We were blessed to "walk like the saints" and spend the feast day with other families. God is good!

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