Look at the birds...(Mt 6:26)

Today my DH took the kids to a field trip to see raptors.

Papa tagged along. The children were so thrilled to be outdoors despite the 95 degree weather. They were captivated by God’s awesome creation and could not stop talking about their talons. I enjoyed hearing of their greatness. Birds always help me to remember God’s loving providence and to seek Him first. Matt 6:26-34. Sparkles and Rose even told me in detail how to rescue a raptor in need of help. I assured them that they will NEVER have to rescue a raptor!
My husband is such a blessing to me and my children. He went on the field trip with NO sleep for the past 10 hours, was pooped on by Papi, took the kids to the park for lunch after the field trip, came home to tell about it, and played basketball in the evening. He is my inspiration! He can do all things through the One who strengthens him. Phil 4:13.

When everyone arrived home I was ready to greet them with cold watermelon. It’s their favorite. My husband was ready to crash but decided to eat his watermelon first. The kids cooled off with the watermelon but it didn’t last long. I decided to put together Papi’s gift from his last birthday, a water activity table.

It was long overdue. Rose was the foreman and directed me on what went where.

The little ones had a great time and I only had to hose them twice for getting too rambunctious.

Praise be to God for our JOYous day!

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