The Mother of All Mothers............

The Kind Of Mother All Mothers Should Aspire To Be
"Our Heavenly Father wants us to imitate the way Mary lowered Herself before Him, especially the way that She continually maintained the posture of servant and slave. Mary assumes this posture because She knows that Her humility and childlike manner lead Her to abandon Herself to God's love - a love that is constantly knocking on the door of the human heart."
(Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock, pg. 90)

As my family honored me yesterday on Mother's Day, I began to ponder my role as a mother. Yes, I had plenty of time to DH and GFG gave me the gift of a nap, a very looong nap. The last time I remember taking such a nap is when we brought Papi home from the NICU, 20 months ago. It was some gift/nap. Ok, enough about my nap (that I will remember for who knows how long), let me continue with my role as mother. I've been feeling some what inadequate lately due to many circumstances that we have been facing. My loving husband has been more than supportive and continues to lead me spiritually towards God's call for us but I can't help but to hold myself back with so many ideas of what I should be doing and NOT doing as a mother. Many of which our worldly pulls.

I found peace in the words, "Our Heavenly Father wants us to imitate how Mary lowered herself before Him." I mediated on these words and gave thanks to Our Lord for reminding me of the simplicity of His call, complete surrender. I am to serve Christ always; in everything I do, say and pray! I must remember that the He does not call me to perfect an academic lesson or maintain a pristine home or even cook a meal that will have a line out the door (edible will do). However, He does call me to:
serve my family as though they were Christ - Mt 25:40
be faithful always - Rm 4:16
glorify Him with all that I have been given, no matter what - Jn 15:8
remain humble - 2 Chronicles 7:14
radiate His love and share His JOY - Gal 5:22

"Keep the JOY of loving God in your heart and share this JOY with all you meet especially your family. Be holy – let us pray." - Bl. Mother Teresa

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