A New Day, A New Season, A New Blog Design.....

At Rose's request I updated the look of our blog.

It's been three months since I started this family blog. It's a family project. Each member has a say of what's included and what's NOT included. Rose and Sparkles love the creative aspect while Sweetie enjoys the pictures. Papi favors the music and my DH... well, he loves everything we do. I too love it all but feel most blessed to have a platform to share and grow with others, even if it's just my family.
Praise be to God for a NEW.......!

Worship the LORD with cries of gladness; come before him with joyful song. Psalm 100:2


  1. Jessica –

    (I figured out my posting issue.)

    Thanks for stopping by and directing me to Lena’s designs.

    I’m anxiously waiting to hear about your experience at the conference. I’m most interested in the talk given by the FSSP Priest on talents, salt and light. I think that was the topic. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your update.

    Blessings –

  2. Lena, the conference talks are available on CD now. If you click on the speakers page, there are also some speakers notes to download for free. Unfortunately, Fr. Sagudo isn't one of those, but there are lots of others. He was a great speaker and I really enjoyed him.

  3. LeeAnn -
    Thanks for the download info. I saved all to my computer and plan to share. I'm also hoping to purchase the conference cd's.
    Pax - Lena



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