She turned 6....

Where has the time gone! It seems like just yesterday when Rose was crying with JOY for her answered prayers, a sister. Sparkles was an answer to many prayers.

We have prayerfully decided to forgo large birthday parties. I love to coordinate parties and crafting. However, I have a tendency to go overboard. The parties were great fun but both my husband and I would always walk away feeling cheated. We were never completely present to share the special day with the birthday girl. We have slowly been downsizing and simplifying our lives. We've prayerfully decided to start a new family traditions for birthdays.

We will now plan a date night for the birthday kid with dad and mom only!!!! The date night can include dinner and an activity of the birthday kid's choice. We will have cake and/or ice cream when we return home to all the siblings. Presents as usual, are kept to a minimum.

Today was our start to this new tradition. Sparkles was thrilled as were her siblings.

(Dad & Sparkles after her birthday blessing from Father M.)

Technically her birthday started on Sunday with a special birthday blessing from Father M. He also gave her the gift of informing her that she will be ready to receive Communion this coming year. Sparkles has been glowing since and has been on fire to know more about the fullness of our faith. Praise be to GOD!
The day started with an early rise and a treat from dad. He brought home french toast sticks and sprinkled them with powder sugar. Yummy!!!
We did have to reign Sparkles in this morning after informing us that this was her birthday and that meant she could do whatever she wanted. Woooooowhoooooo.....want a minute miss birthday girl! Not to worry it was a misunderstanding. What she really meant was that she would be thankful for the day, no matter what! : ) Good thing we cleared that up first thing in the morning.

(Sparkles favorite present, a charm of Jesus on a cord.)
She was then able to open a couple of presents before we had to leave for the Science Farm.

(Sparkles waiting for friends.)
(Sparkles favorite activity of the day, making gak.)
(A new bunny/kitten born in May)
(Sparkles favorite animal, "because Jesus is the Lamb.")

I scheduled a field trip on her birthday. We arrived early and invited the other families to join us for a play date and picnic.

(Dirt with worms. AKA homemade marble cake with chocolate frosting, crushed Oreos, sour apple sprinkles, and sour gummy worms.)

Sparkles invited all kids to join her for some more fun in the dirt.....sweet dirt.....

After the festivities we went home for a short break. "Sparkles can watch a movie since it's her birthday, " announced Sweetie. I couldn't argue with that. She chose her new Hermie video.

Sparkles went to her first swim practice of the season then we took her out for the long awaited date night. She chose Chili's for her dinner. She had been talking about it all day. She was thrilled when we arrived and couldn't stop talking. We were seated and began to look over a menu. I asked what she would like to eat and she replied, "pancakes." Pancakes???? "Sparkles, we're at Chili's, they don't serve pancakes. If you want pancakes we'll have to go elsewhere," I said. She agreed and decided to go elsewhere. We normally wouldn't do such a thing but since it was her birthday, it was her choice. As we got in the car she changed her mind 2 more times. Finally she settled on Mexican food. It was so cute to see her face light up when we were willing to accommodate her and say YES to all her (reasonable) requests.

(Sparkles "famous burrito")

Sparkles decided that she would be in charge of ordering. This is something new for her. She usually relies on her older sis. She told us that she is big enough to tell them her order and ask for something. She made a burrito with all the fixings and was so pleased with it that she asked her dad to write the recipe down for her. She ate great, the best I've seen. She even vowed to eat all her left overs for dinner tomorrow.

After dinner we strolled downtown and window shopped. Then we went back home for cake and ice cream. She sang her story of the day to us on the ride home, while sitting in her big sister's seat.

We found out so many things about our dear Sparkles. She is definitely our talker but what is more special is that she is an even better listener. She constantly asked questions of us and didn't focus on herself.

We thank God for her. We pray that she grow to love Him and that He use her for His Glory. Sparkles was my first GFG that I consecrated in the womb to Our Blessed Mother. Her devotion and trust in Mary is so great. May she continue to walk under Mary's Mantle, closer to Our Lord.

(Our attempt at the self timer.)

PRAISE BE TO GOD for a JOYous day!!!!

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