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I always use cash/debit card and NEVER pay full price! I've drastically limited all extracurricular spending over the past 2 years but have slowly ventured out. I've been stopping by my local thrift stores and a few yard sales. I've found: NEW Anne Taylor denim skirt for $4), NEW black lace skirt with price tag listed at $189 for $5, Talbot shirts for $2, NEW brown leather Roxy flip flops for $0.25, Gymboree dresses for $0.99, a men's suit for $7 and many other clothing items. It's a family thing!

Most recently, I found some great deals on decor and baby items. These are some finds from the past 2 months.

As I was leaving on Saturday morning my neighbors were getting ready for the community yard sale. It probably was a good thing that I was going out of town because I spent $45 within 3min of being outside and only one home with items for sale.

I've been wanting a jogging stroller to take Papi on our back road hikes. I couldn't pass up this Baby Trend jogger that was brand new for $15. The in-store price is $159.

The other baby find was a Graco travel system that is a little over 1 year old. The plastic is still on the stroller. I bought it knowing that I could find someone to use it and hoping that, someone would be ME. Turns out my Sis is need of a set for her new arrival. The original price ranges from $150-200. It included the stroller, infant carrier and 2 bases. I paid......$30!

I've been in search of a cake plate with a glass dome. Here's the best I've been able to do, glass dome and sterling silver platter. I may have to resort to making my own base. ($1/ea)

This is a custom made fabric bulletin board. The fabric coordinates with my Waverly curtains in the kitchen. I don't particularly care for the ribbon used but don't have any plans to change it. I doubt I will even notice it once I post pictures and papers. I'm still trying to find a a place to put it. For now, it sits on a picture easel on the kitchen counter.

I couldn't find the price listed on the board. I found another bulletin board that was similar in size with a $1 price tag. I brought it to the register for check-out. The checker was able to locate a price on the roster board, $3. That seemed a little steep for me. I know, I know.... I told you I was thrifty. I only had $5 cash on me and didn't want to use my debit card. I told her I was hoping to get the board for the same as the other one listed for a dollar. She responded, "O.K." and then she altered the price. Lesson learned, you can always bargain!

Here's the other bulletin board I found. I will redo it but don't have any definite plans at this time. ($1)
At the same Goodwill I found some lace in the bedding area. I've been in need of a new church veil. I love the real lace Mantilla's from Spain but not so much the price. Many of the veils within my price point are too small. I didn't know what price category this black lace fell into but I was willing to pay $4. It is a nice size piece and has scalloped edges. I think I'll be able to make 3+ veils out this find. I was delighted to hear the checker give me a sale price of $.75. SOLD!!!

This is a Wilton pewter plate/charger. I only picked it up because I didn't have cash for my next find and needed a min purchase of $5 to use my debit card. The garage sale price listed on the back was $1 but I paid $2. I didn't mind because they sell for much more new.

My last find is my favorite. My whole family loves all things French Country but rarely (OK, NEVER) purchase original pieces because of the steep price tag. I've always admired Quimper pieces and was delighted to find this gem. It was marked $3.50 but had a chip. Once again, I asked for a discounted price because of the chip. The price was adjusted to $1.50.

All the above total $53.25 for an estimated savings of..... $395.

Live frugally and give alms.


  1. you did an awesome job on your finds. What a pretty plate!

  2. What a lot of great deals you got! Love the fabric board & the Quimper piece is very pretty.



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