My DH had a week to play as I was gone for retreat. He did play but he mostly worked....for me. I came home to a sparkling clean house (far better than I left it) and many surprises. One of which was Rose had surgery. Others included; our backyard was prepared for future landscaping; the school room was cleared out for a makeover; my bathroom and laundry room were deep cleaned; and our above ground pool was removed. The best surprise was my garage.
My garage has been completely filled from our move about 2 years ago. I was unable to help at that time because I was on bed rest with Papi. My DH and family packed and moved for me. This relieved me but meant that many things that I would of purged were sent to our new home. It has been somewhat overwhelming. In addition, I wanted to move our indoor play gym out of the house but not outdoors. The garage was the solution. It is rather large and would be a great playroom. All of our previous plans to turn the garage into the playroom were foiled. Until.....most recently when my husband decided to plot behind my back.
He rallied his newly retired mom. She is a super organizer/cleaner and now has plenty of free time on her hands. His dad also joined the crew. Together they all pulled off the best surprise ever!
Below are the pictures of our garage. It is not complete but I'm thrilled that the kiddos have a place to play other than under the stairs (the old playroom).



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