Hair Detachment

This post is past due (as many of my additions). My girls and I have been blessed with thick hair that grows at rapid pace. As I was younger, I despised my long, thick and heavy hair. My father would not let me cut my hair until I was older or at least, when my sister was old enough. I was about 10 years old when I had my first real haircut. Even then, it was still long. 

I became attached to my hair. I would style my hair every morning before school, which meant I would have to wake up by 5am to catch the bus at 7am. My hair takes about an hour to dry. My hair routine normally included drying and curling. This regime continued through high school and somewhat into college. I soon discovered the world of hair coloring. It started with the do it yourself kits and grew to the expensive salon treatments. I would justify my time in the salon and expenses by saying I deserved it and rationalizing it since I only did it 2-3 a year. I knew that the pleasure I was getting from my hair was fleeting and more was desired of me. I also knew that my financial resources would be better spent on other causes.  I heard God calling me to detach,  My hair was the first real step that I took in the way of detachment. (I was in my mid twenties.)

This call was confirmed about 5 years ago when I heard Mother Mary Elizabeth speak at a Women of Grace Conference. Mother Mary Elizabeth was a late vocation whom was widowed with grown children. She spoke of how women are becoming so consumed with their appearance. She cited all the lengths that women go to; hair coloring, teeth whitening, excessive exercise and etc... Mother Mary Elizabeth pondered if God would even recognize us when/if we reached Heaven. She also concerned herself with the fact that many women spend numerous hours in the hair/nail salons and gyms focusing on their appearance but fail to spend adequate time on their soul (i.e; in prayer or at church). Her words were not profound but convicted me nonetheless.

I sought my DH's counsel and together we decided that I would no longer spend time and money on superfluous hair treatments. I would continue to grow my hair only for donation. All haircuts would be simple for function only and I would not seek out the trendy hairstyles. Our girls would also follow suit. It's not the answer I was looking for. I could deal with long hair and simple haircuts but no hair dying?!? I knew I would have difficulty with this once I started to get gray hair. I started praying for the graces to endure all and even embrace every gray hair as Mother Mary Elizabeth recommended--a crown of glory, one step closer to Our Heavenly Father & Home.

Since then I have donated my hair twice and my eldest, Rose, has donated her hair once. Early in April, Sparkles informed us that she was ready to donate her hair. She turned six in May. Both Rose (14) and I were ready for another donation. We each had 13+ inches to donate. My DH agreed that Sparkles could have her first donation/haircut.

Sweetie will wait until she is six to donate/cut her hair. Hopefully, she'll stop giving herself haircuts so she'll have hair left to donate.Papi will never have enough hair to donate but he had his "1st...." buzz cut.
(My gray hairs are coming and I'm still praying for the graces to endure and offer it up.)

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