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FOR TODAY monday, august 31
this is my first daybook. i just received a picture from an old soccer teammate. the picture was taken when i as 17. we traveled to washington d.c. and virgina for a soccer tournament. it was my last tourney before college. the picture made me smile and reminisce on my simple times as a youth. i've been mediating on this thought since, "simple times." i believe we can embrace all things to glorify God and we must create simple times. this is my first effort for the week. pax - lena

Outside my window...the sun is shining and the heat is on high.
I am thinking...of all the things i need to get done before the official start of our school year...all those whom have requested my prayers.
I am thankful for...the air. Our Lord's gentle prompting this morning. the safety of my family (my DH and kids had a tire blow-out on the freeway this morning while on their way to the first day of Latin class).
From the learning rooms...they are completely bare!!!...they're in need of some redecorating...i think the new look always helps me more than them. i don't plan on bringing much back in. we are trying to simplify in all areas. i only pray that my cold doesn't take me off schedule.
From the kitchen...there is a mess everywhere you turn but i'm giving thanks for it and not going to let it frustrate me. you can definitely tell that little people live here.
I am skirt and black (comfy shirt). i'm hoping i'll be able to get a nap in soon to let my cold medicine kick in.
I am creating...little flowers lesson plans, binders, crafts, hair bows.....i recently (1 week ago) took the little flowers over when their long time leader stepped down. i'm also getting ready to take all the furniture outside to paint. hopefully my love will be back soon from sparkles' dentist appt. although, he is sick too.
I am stay home the remainder of the day to tackle 5 tasks on my to do list.
I am reading...The Education of Catholic Girls by Janet Erskine Stuart.
I am hoping...that my saline treatments will rid me of this cold soon so i can keep on task.
I am hearing...papi singing while he plays. he is talking more and has such a sweet disposition, when he's not banging on things.
Around the house...the kids are turning each room into the forts. we are all prepping for the start of school and my last ditch effort for spring/summer cleaning.
One of my favorite things...adoration!!!
A few plans for the rest of the week:paint furniture, organize school books, purge, finalize plans for little flowers (our first meeting is on sat.), sit with my DH to work out our family schedule. first friday mass and benediction followed by our priest's talk for kids.
Here is a picture...
inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook

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