Two Birthdays and an Anniversary

Papi turned 2 and Sweetie turned 4. My DH and I celebrated our anniversary. It has been a busy week thus far.

There was no need for our birthday tradition, date night with mom and dad. The little ones didn't want to go it alone. They (we) choose their own simple celebration. We chose to have Papi's celebration at the pool (where his party was last year). They have kiddie water slides and a wadding pool which he loves. Sweetie had her heart set on the Zoo. I love that they are so simple and take JOY in the smallest things.

My DH and I managed to get an evening away for our anniversary dinner. Thanks to Papa and Nana.

Heavenly Father, We praise You for all Your gifts to us.
In a special way, We thank You for Papi & Sweetie.
Bless them always in Your love.
Bless us too, Holy Father.
Help us all to praise You and give You glory Through
Our Lord Jesus Christ. ~Amen

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