God's hand is present at all times....last week

It's been a long week full of trails and opportunity to rely solely on God's providence. The three little ones and I became sick with a bad cold. It lingered but still we managed. Sparkles is the most pleasant sick child we have. She asks for little and rarely complains. That is until Sparkles fever persisted for 4 days. I took her in for a checkup and after a three hour visit she was diagnosed with the early stages of pneumonia. She was prescribed an antibiotic and sent home to recover. We gave thanks to God for her medical insurance (we have gone with out for some time), early diagnosis and the technology of medicine. Sparkles gave thanks for her time out with mom alone. Oh, the simple pleasures of being six.


This time of illness in our home has been like no other. My man (dear husband) has a new schedule that requires him to be gone during the day. In the past he has worked from home. Recently, he has taken a job that allows him to maintain a night schedule and be with us during the day. My children and I are accustomed to having him with us 24/7. He is the head of the home and I couldn't imagine our days without him. Well, Our Gracious Lord has slowly weaned me to days without him. Currently, his school schedule requires him to be gone during the day too. We will continue to adjust and rely on Our Heavenly Father to guide us.


I had a regular check up schedule (since last month) for all my little ones on Friday, Oct. 23. I was tempted to reschedule because I didn't want to take all the sick ones out. However, Papi woke up Friday morning not as his usual self. Needless to say, we were running late. Very late! The girls were checked and Sparkles was showing improvement but the story was not so optimistic for Papi.

He was immediately sent for a breathing treatment on a Nebulizer. This was his first treatment ever. Lets just say, it wasn’t fun. Papi is nothing like Sparkles when he is sick. He is a fighter naturally and being ill seems to give him an extra edge.

Papa’s stats after his treatment caused alarm to his doctor. She immediately sent him off for a chest x-ray and I was told that he would need to stay at the doctor's office for 3 hours for his oxygen levels to rise. Sparkles and Sweetie were already on their second movie and although they probably wouldn't have mind hanging around a couple more hours for a few more movies their brother, I called their Papa. He graciously agreed to pick the girls up.

Papi had his x-ray and the girls waited in the lobby with their snacks. Rose is awesome and always prepared. Praise be to God for older sisters.

Papi and I were taken directly back to the treatment room when we arrived back upstairs. The girls worked their way downstairs to be picked up by Papa. They were a little nervous to leave their brother.

Papi's doctor meet us in the treatment room with the results from the x-ray. The news was not good. Papi had severe pneumonia in both lungs and would need to be admitted to the hospital. I gave thanks for health insurance (once again), cell phones, grandparents, medical technology and our faith.


Last week my mother added a line to her plan for my husband. We had been sharing a cell phone for a couple years now. I don't know how I would have been able to get in touch with him had he not had a cell since he was in class for the day.

My parents have been a great blessing to me and my family. Most recently, they have provided for us during the last two-plus years while we have been but through many trials. At first it was difficult for myself to accept their help but with spiritual direction and prayer I have been able to allow Our Lord to work through my parents. They help without ever expecting anything in return and have been patient with us during this difficult time. We pray that we can glorify God and lead our family closer to Our Lord. We also pray to be able to repay my parents for their unconditional love and generosity, in anyway the Lord permits.


I waited at the doctor's office for close to 2 hours before a bed became available for Papi. He took a cat nap, read every book and tried out the doctor's office bathroom 3 times as we waited. I picked up my husband on the way to the hospital. It worked out perfectly since my husband's school is near the hospital and our alternate car broke down earlier in the week.

Papi had not eaten lunch. We stopped for Taco Bell. Any fast food is a treat for us. He wasn't thrilled but I knew it was our best hope for him to get something in his stomach. He's room was ready to go when we arrived. It was the smoothest hospital/emergency visit we've ever had.

I was able to get half the burrito in Papi before all the necessary tubes and prodding started. He was excited about the cartoons, another treat for him.

His visit was set for one night but due to his need for oxygen, he's stay was extended. My husband stood the night with him while a picked the girls up from Papa and Nana's house.

We prayed for acceptance of God's will.

In the morning as I prepared and debated if I should go to the hospital (due to all the Swine Flu out breaks), my husband called with wonderful news. Papi was able to be taken off the oxygen last night (Fri) and was going to be released after another breathing treatment.

The girls eagerly prepared the house for his return and I went to pick up my handsome boys.

He is now home recovering and almost back to himself. Praise be to God!

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