Happy Birthday To My BEST Friend

I love you for the boy you were when we met and the God fearing man you have become. I've known life with you longer than I've known life without you. Because of that I know all your weaknesses and quarks but I also know all your gifts and strengths - there are many.

~your warm smile and great ability to be silly
~your trust in God
~your desire to always grow in faith
~your willingness to let others shine
~you sacrificed your own interests for your children and your vocation of Husband/Father
~your ability to be corrected
~you value family time and are with us more than your away
~your desire to please your loved ones more than the appearance to others
~you prayerfully support and encourage me in all I do
~your spontaneity
~your patience and gentleness
~your willingness to help me with all things (especially the cleaning)
~you always kiss and bless me & the kids goodnight and goodbye
~your unconditional Love for me

Our walk has not been an easy one but I'm thankful that together we have grown closer to Our Lord. You are a wonderful father of our beautiful children. They are blessed to call you daddy. You bring laughter to our home and everywhere you go (and not just because of the way you look.....gotcha!)

I pray that we continue to walk the walk and fight the good fight leading one another closer to Eternal Life.

May Our Heavenly Father continue to shower you with His abundant love and mercy. May you grow in His light and be pleasing to Him in everything you do.

Happy Blessed Day!

Little Flowers 3rd Meeting - Perseverance & St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

We had a great turn out, as usual.  There were 6 six girls who sat together at Mass but others were in attendance. 
We welcomed our newest Little Flower, Rose.  She was happy to see familiar faces and meet new ones.  The girls had a brief time to visit during snack time.  Clare passed out her snacks to the girls.  Thank you Mary for signing up for this month on such short of a notice.

I  introduced the girls to the saint of the month, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  I set the setting, the United States in the 1700's.  The girls were delighted to hear that she was born in New York.  Although, they all expressed how far that was from them.  I tried to but it into perspective for them by drawing attempting to draw a map of the US and Europe.  Despite my lack of artistic ability the girls got the idea.

I gathered my info on St. Elizabeth Ann Seton from the following sites.
Seton Shrine
Catholic Encyclopedia

The letter of the day was 'E' for Elizabeth taken from An Alphabet of Catholic SAINTS.

Father L visited the girls and recapped on All Saints day and All Souls day.  He emphasized the importance of prayer for the souls in purgatory.  He also explained our current virtue, perseverance.  He told the girls, "God calls you to do your best and He will do the rest."  He gave the analogy of a student who tried his hardest in his studies but only received Cs.  "Would God be pleased," he asked.  The girls unanimously responded, "YES!"  "What about the little girl who never worked hard or did her best and received As and Bs - would God be pleased?"  Again, the girls responded accordingly.  I love how they get messages that we adults sometimes think that they're not ready for.

He gave the girls a blessing before his departure.

We applied the virtue of perseverance to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's life.  She had many ups and downs but persevered to answer God's call for her.  That lead us to our craft, prayer/keepsake box and gratitude cards.

The gratitude cards were selcted from those listed here.

The gratitude cards are intended to be used from now until the start of Advent - Nov. 29.  The girls were asked to work on preparing their hearts to receive the most wonderful gift, Jesus.  They were encouraged to randomly select a card from their box daily but to persevere if they were not able to make a daily selection or the task asked was too much for them.  The primary objective is to PERSEVERE, do the best they can with the task at hand.

The box was decoupaged with a picture of Our Blessed Mother, Lord Jesus Christ, and/or St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  It can be used as a prayer box to store the intentions of their family and friends.  The box can also be used for keepsakes such as Rosary, Miraculous Medal, etc.  The girls we're invited to entertain the thought of giving the box as a gift to another.

Above is a picture of the box I created along with the gratitude cards.  There should be 1-2 blank cards in the box to write your own intention/task.  The cards are designed to be placed on the twine provided as completed.  You can hang the twine in a visible spot in your home so all can reflect on something to be thankful for. 

I put our twine and cards over the fireplace.  The kids love to see what they have completed and what they are thankful for.  Sparkles couldn't wait to start her cards.  She was even more excited when she selected the card, "I'm Thankful For Our Car."  Her task was to clean the car and then go out for ice cream cones.  She has never been so happy to clean the car.  She rallied her sisters and went to work.  I even gave a hand.  I couldn't resist their enthusiasm.
The girls were given their monthly assignment sheet, scripture verse sheet, and a paper doll of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  Below are the links to many of the additional activities provided.  I will take time out next meeting for housekeeping of the girl's binders.  Please be sure they bring them to the meeting.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Fun Facts & Activities
The Tortoise and the Hare
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Paper Doll

Books about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton:
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton by Father Lovasik,
Kat Finds a Friend
Mother Seton and the Sisters of Charity
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Daughter of America

Children of Fatima and Our Lady

Our GFG decided to dress up as the Children of Fatima and Our Lady for All Saints Day.  Their costumes ended up being last minute due to the little ones illness.  I embellished a white gown that I made for Rose a few years back when she was St. Lucy.  The little ones were able to find something in their closets.  I made the girls a black head covering.  They were the simplest costumes yet (and I do simple).  The girls have already used their black head coverings for play and Rosary time.

Carmel Apples


Pumpkin Fun

Getting Back On Track

It's been some time since I last posted.  All the little ones have recovered and now the eldest is sick.  She is a trooper and prayerfully helping on the home front. 

This time in our life as been like no other.  We have been pulled outside the home more for financial necessity.  We are thankful for the family support and graces from Our Heavenly Father. 

I continue to try to find time for all that has occupied our day in the past but seldom ever get to half the items on the list.  This has been very overwhelming for me as I tend to be a perfectionist.  Nonetheless, I'm thankful for the opportunity to surrender and seek Him first. Matthew 6:33

Since the last post we:
missed the pumpkin patch field trip
got a pumpkin from the store
made carmel apples
pieced together All Saints Day costumes at the last min.
were not able to have a booth for All Saints Day
attended our Annual Parish All Saints Day Party
visited Monterey Bay Aquarium on one of their Annual Homeschool Days
played at the beach
detoxed from TV/videos and have been working on training hearts to pleasing to Our Lord (all after being sick and needing time to rest while watching videos and having others wait on your ever need)
had our 3rd Little Flowers meeting
watched the Sandhill Cranes
announced to the kids that they will be having a new baby brother/sister in May!!!

I'll be trying to get caught up with postings over the next few days.
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