Getting Back On Track

It's been some time since I last posted.  All the little ones have recovered and now the eldest is sick.  She is a trooper and prayerfully helping on the home front. 

This time in our life as been like no other.  We have been pulled outside the home more for financial necessity.  We are thankful for the family support and graces from Our Heavenly Father. 

I continue to try to find time for all that has occupied our day in the past but seldom ever get to half the items on the list.  This has been very overwhelming for me as I tend to be a perfectionist.  Nonetheless, I'm thankful for the opportunity to surrender and seek Him first. Matthew 6:33

Since the last post we:
missed the pumpkin patch field trip
got a pumpkin from the store
made carmel apples
pieced together All Saints Day costumes at the last min.
were not able to have a booth for All Saints Day
attended our Annual Parish All Saints Day Party
visited Monterey Bay Aquarium on one of their Annual Homeschool Days
played at the beach
detoxed from TV/videos and have been working on training hearts to pleasing to Our Lord (all after being sick and needing time to rest while watching videos and having others wait on your ever need)
had our 3rd Little Flowers meeting
watched the Sandhill Cranes
announced to the kids that they will be having a new baby brother/sister in May!!!

I'll be trying to get caught up with postings over the next few days.

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