Happy Birthday To My BEST Friend

I love you for the boy you were when we met and the God fearing man you have become. I've known life with you longer than I've known life without you. Because of that I know all your weaknesses and quarks but I also know all your gifts and strengths - there are many.

~your warm smile and great ability to be silly
~your trust in God
~your desire to always grow in faith
~your willingness to let others shine
~you sacrificed your own interests for your children and your vocation of Husband/Father
~your ability to be corrected
~you value family time and are with us more than your away
~your desire to please your loved ones more than the appearance to others
~you prayerfully support and encourage me in all I do
~your spontaneity
~your patience and gentleness
~your willingness to help me with all things (especially the cleaning)
~you always kiss and bless me & the kids goodnight and goodbye
~your unconditional Love for me

Our walk has not been an easy one but I'm thankful that together we have grown closer to Our Lord. You are a wonderful father of our beautiful children. They are blessed to call you daddy. You bring laughter to our home and everywhere you go (and not just because of the way you look.....gotcha!)

I pray that we continue to walk the walk and fight the good fight leading one another closer to Eternal Life.

May Our Heavenly Father continue to shower you with His abundant love and mercy. May you grow in His light and be pleasing to Him in everything you do.

Happy Blessed Day!

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  1. I am writing a blog post about God's mercy being dumped on us buckets at a time! I would like a picture to illustrate and found your picture above. Could I have your permission to use it as long as I source it to you and provide a link to your blog? Here is the link to my blog if you want to see what I write about! www.christtorch.wordpress.com

    God Bless



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