The More, The Better

Rose and I made more tiles for Christmas gifts.  We're hooked.

for Rose's girlfriends

for Godmothers and other special women

the entire collection
Rose used a ball-chain necklace and black cord necklace for her friends.  I used a higher quality sterling silver chains that I found here for the Godmothers.  I used keychain rings for the St. Joseph tiles for the Godfathers (not pictured).

The paper weights were for our parish Priests and Rose's choirmaster (2 paperweights are not shown).  I used the holy cards from our Priests' first blessings and 25th Anniversary.  Rose selected a card with Gregorian chant for her choirmaster.

for nana and auntie
The top large medal was for Nana.  It is reversible with sis's kids on the other side.  The bottom medal was for Auntie (Rose's Nina).  It's reversible with Our Lady of Guadalupe on the reverse side.


  1. Oh these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL Lena!

  2. Oh, these are great! I can see why they are addicting. Followed you from Amy caroline's blog.:) God Bless.

  3. Hi, there! I'm visiting from Amy Caroline's blog. These are wonderful! I want to make some, too, now ... :)

  4. Oh these are so lovely!!!! Thank you for sharing them!

  5. Thanks! You can click on the word 'tiles' in the first sentence (of my post)for a link to my first tile post where I list the tutorial I used. I also provide a link to the Etsy vendor for supplies. It's a super easy craft. Go for it!
    Pax Christi - Lena

  6. wow, these are awesome! great job

  7. these are beautiful! the possibilities are endless! I have the images...just need to find those tiles! Thanks for sharing!



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