Lenten Calendar

It took me more time than anticipated but it's done!
I wanted to create something that could be used for years to come without having to start from scratch every year. I had a wonderful magnetic calendar idea in my head but I decided to go with the less labor intensive option, photo calendar created on my computer. Hopefully I've shaved off some of the prep time this year.  I'm sure I'll add more to it over the years.

If anything, it's more colorful than our last year's calendar.
The calendar was printed at Costco Photo in 16x20 for the family down stairs and 8x10 for Rose's bedroom. 
It’s a pleasant reminder of our family goals for lent*:

  • Grow in CHARITY

  • Increase prayer life

  • Learn more about the lives of the saints

  • Reclaim our family Adoration time

  • Clean physical house by simplifying and purging

  • Clean spiritual house by almsgiving, works of mercy, and spirutal readings   
 *these are in addition to our personal Lenten programs

These are the Lenten Activities we have listed on the calendar:

  • Lent for Children: A Thought a Day (daily)

  • Update the bean jar for sacrifices/almsgiving (daily)

  • Review personal Lenten program chart (daily)

  • Pick Cleaning item out of jar & perform assigned task from the Lenten Cleaning Calendar (Mon.-Sat.)

  • Adoration (Thursday)

  • Stations of the Cross (Friday)

  • Select family almsgiving activity for the week (Sun.)
in addition to the children's collection for Life Center and simplifying our home by donating new and old items to the homeless shelters. 
- visit the elderly/sick in the rest home
- pray at the abortion clinic
- provide service to the pregnancy resource center
- cook meal for Father
- cook meal or invite family to home for meal
- invite someone to Mass
- provide additional service to Parish

Each weekday has been assigned a permanent prayer intention.

  • Mon - End to Abortion

  • Tue - Conversion of Family

  • Wed - Godparents & Godchildren

  • Thur - Pope Benedict XVI & Priests

  • Fri - Souls in Purgatory

  • Sat - Vocations

  • Sun - Poor, homeless, and those in great need 

We will also be using these resources:

Here's where I found my inspiration:
The photo calendar's background paper is from Shabby Princess. 

2011 Lenten Calendar


  1. Your calendar turned out amazing! What a great idea to do it on the computer so it can be easily updated each year! What sort of program did you use?

  2. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
    Thanks for the compliment. I owe it to you.
    I have used various sophisticated programs in the past but I always come back to Publisher. It's very basic but user friendly. It can be purchased as a stand alone or package.
    I'm sure you have better options with Apple. I love working on an Apple. Maybe, one of these days...
    Pax - Lena

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