SIMPLE Lent Activities

Lenten Calendar
I found my inspiration from Jessica and have modified this year's calendar.

Lenten Cleaning
We attempt to prepare our physical house as well as spiritual house in preparation for the Resurrection of Jesus. 

Here is our cleaning outline for the year and pictures from our Lenten cleaning in 2009.

Sacrifice Beans
Each child is given a jar and she is responsible for depositing a bean for her act of kindness or sacrifice. We generally do not have the children remove beans but this year we have decided to have the children remove beans from their jar for not being "Christ-like." We wanted to try it this way this year since Sparkles is preparing for her First Communion.

Resurrection Eggs
Resurrection Eggs Tutorial
Rose made her first set of Resurrection Eggs with Sparkles' Godmother years ago.  We have incorporated them every year since.  I'm not sure where she found her material but I have continued to use her narration and eggs contents.   I hope to have a tutorial soon since I'm planning this as the craft for my next Little Flowers meeting.

We forgo treats, daily pleasures and wants to donate to our local Life Center & Catholic Bishop's Maternity Home.  We attend Mass on Holy Thursday. The girls present their Lenten collection. Rose presents the family's flower offering for the Altar of Repose. It is a long evening for the children. Mass starts at 6pm and ends at 9:30.  Mass is followed by Adoration.  (We've yet to last through Adoration since we drive 1 hr each way to Mass).

We observe Good Friday in solace. This hasn't always been the case but we finally answered God's prompting placed on our hearts. There are no activities (sports, entertainment, and the like) - only Mass, family prayer, viewing of the Passion and our Good Friday meal.

For years we have eaten tomato soup with a grilled cheese (for kids). The kids We have grown to enjoy this soup very much. So much so, that I'm rethinking its place as a Lenten meal. However, Sweetie does call it Jesus' blood.

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  1. Ok, great ideas! Great pictures! What's not to love about this post?!

  2. Neat ideas! Thanks for joining us.

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  4. Great ideas! You are so organized!

  5. What a great collection of Lenten activities! I hope that if I have children, they will experience Lent with half the richness yours have!

  6. Awesome article! I included a link to your Resurrection Beans in one of my blog posts... we did this last year & we're doing again this year. Thanks!



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