Lenten Cleaning Update #1

We are hanging in there. We're not completely on schedule but making progress, nonetheless. All the kids have managed to become sick. Papi started the trend. He had to make and emergency room visit due to bronchitis. Also, my energy is slipping. What can I say, I'm seven months and ready to put myself on bed rest. I'm only kidding. I'm actually very thankful that this pregnancy has been trouble free thus far.

We worked on the office and kitchen last week. I really do not know what I would do without Rose. She has been my primary help. My husband usually is my main help but his current schedule hardly allows for sleep so he gets reprieve.

I tend to take the minimalist approach when cleaning and organizing. This is sometimes a fight with 4 kids always making an argument why we need multiple items.
I had collected some of Papi’s worn books to toss. I had the books in a bag and was walking down the hall to the garage when Papi saw me. He took one look at the bag and said, “Oh mom, my book! Thank you.” He proceeded to help himself into my bag for his book.
The kitchen cabinets were re-organized, cleaned and items were purged.  I only took pictures of a couple of cabinets/drawers.

The kitchen pantry had an overall. I’m embarrassed to share pictures but I’ve decided to accept this opportunity as a practice of humility. : )

I still need to finalize my kitchen and tackle my “everything” drawer, craft drawer and desk drawers. Meanwhile my kitchen counter tops are still not entirely clean. I guess it’s the storm before the calm.

The office turned into the catch-all room over the past 4 months.  It was in desperate need of organizing. We had impromptu over-night company and we made this room into a make-shift guest room. That was back in November. The bed had to go back to Papi’s room. The toys were removed for possible donation. They are waiting their fate in the garage.  Meanwhile........

...Rose has reclaimed her work space. This is actually her school room that she so graciously shares with us for crafts and misc. projects. I would love to better organize this space but we took a vow not to spend money this year for this Lenten task.

The plan is to print the "after" pictures and post in each room (near the door/light) so the girls we all have a reminder of what the room is to look like prior to leaving the room.

We have collected 19 – 30 gallon trash bags and 9 – 30 gallon give-away bags. This does not include our 2 boxes of canned food items. Sparkles will be using these items for her Little Flowers Generosity project. Our Little Flowers group will be donating the canned food items to the Catholic Charities Food Bank.

I'm continuing to cover this Lenten task in prayer!  Much is needed for our perseverance and peace.


  1. Excellent work!!!! You are inspiring me!

  2. You just reminded me I should be cleaning and not on my laptop! Lol!



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