Preparation for First Holy Communion

Our Lenten Journey has been filled with simple days of serving Our Lord.  We managed a small celebration for Rose's 15th Birthday.  We have also been preparing Sparkles for her First Holy Communion.
Sparkles opted out of selecting a new dress and kindly asked Rose if she could use her First Communion dress.  This is a picture of Sparkles trying on the dress that their late Great Grandmother made for Rose about six years ago.  Sparkles is thrilled!

Sparkles will have a new veil.  Her Nina (Godmother) is having a custom veil made for her special day.

Our Parish Priests instruct all the children receiving sacraments about 2 months prior to their sacrament day.  This is a great blessing and witness to all families and especially the children.

Below are some resources that we have been using in the home to prepare Sparkles for her First Communion.

Father's First Communion Exam
Page 1     Page 2

(The price is right at Amazon - $1/10pack)

Picture Links: 
Mysteries of the Rosary – Catholic Kids

Sparkles plays the game as a memory game on the table and also uses her wall chart to review The Ten Commandments.  She is to divide the chart into two sides (tablets) and place the appropriate 3 Commandments on the left side and the remaining 7 Commandments on the right side.

This game/supplemental was inspired by Jessica's St. Joseph Matching Game.
She also lists many wonderful additional resources for First Communicants.

I especially like the link to the First Communion Novena.  Sparkles will start the novena on April 29 for her First Communion on May 8.

Margaret so graciously reposted the complete First Communion Novena  here.

first communion gift store
Be sure to enter the First Communion Story Contest.

From Thy Bounty Fair - First Communion Celebrations
...focuses on the celebration following the ultimate celebration of reception of the Eucharist for the first time.

First Communion JOY


  1. I love first communion preperations! She must be so excited!

  2. I LOVE that matching game and am wondering where the images came from? I am looking to make stickers for the mysteries of the rosary and would love to see if these are copywritten or if they can be of use to me. Please let me know at

  3. Kimberly - I updated the post and included the "Picture Links."

    God bless, Lena

  4. Pray for First Communicants {and a First Communion Link Up!}



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