She's 15!!!

Rose turned 15 today, March 29.

 We continue to give thanks to Our Heavenly Father for the graces to say “YES” fifteen years ago. We have not had an easy journey but we’re thankful for His Mercy that has been showered upon us.

Rose brings us much JOY and is a true gift to my husband and I. She is adored by all her little siblings and cousins. She is treasured by her Papa and Nana.

Rose continues to witness to us all with her desire to conform to the will of God. At times she has been persecuted (even by family members) for remaining constant to the convictions placed on her heart to live a life that is pleasing to Our Lord. She has not waivered but instead seeks direction and continues to move forward spiritually.

Her obedience to our family, the entire family is extraordinary. Sure there are times when she responds with a 14 15 year old perspective but not a worldly 15 year old.  She is always willing to be corrected.  She remains chaste in her words and humble in her service.

We pray that she will be open to the graces of Our Heavenly Father and she will continue to follow His call for her, whatever pleasing path He may lead her to.

She opted out of our (new) family tradition of a birthday date night with only mom & dad. She didn't want to pass up our Parish Ceili the weekend before her birthday. She had a blast celebrating with family and friends. What can we say, she's a dancing queen.

Rose and I did manage to complete our Annual Mother-Daughter Birthday Spiritual Retreat. We were not able to get away for a weekend but managed to complete Ignatian Exercises over a 5 week period with an awesome Priest/Retreat Master. I'm so thankful that Rose was able to have a great intro to the Ignatian Exercises. I hope to be able to continue the remainder of the Exercises with her at a later time.

We pray that the fruits received from this retreat will continue to flourish throughout her young life.

She received her Birthday (Vigil) Blessing from Father M sometime after Palm Sunday Mass, playing soccer and vespers.

Her Papa surprised her with wonderful Mexican food for dinner when she got home from Mass. She picked out a Costco cake for her dessert.

Today, March 29, her actual birthday was low key in keeping with our past Holy Weeks. She did manage to get a day off school for knitting and some leisure. I’ll have to talk to her Principal about that one. : )


Here are some pictures of Rose that I dug up from the archives.


  1. They grow up to stinkin' fast, don't they?? She is beautiful!

  2. ..Tell me about it! I'm so thankful that we had a call to homeschooling and have been given the graces to continue this call through all our tribulations. We have been able to cherish our time with her.

    Pax - Lena



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