Current State…..JOY…JOY…JOY

I’m definitely slowing down!!!  We have been busy busy the past couple of days and I feel like I’m barely holding on.

Rose and I attended a Confirmation on Friday, April 23.  She was scheduled to sing with the Choristers and I was a Sponsor.  There were approximately 70 Confirmandi.  It was a blessed evening.
confirmation  Enjoy!  This will probably be the only pict. that I’ll ever post of myself beyond 5 months preg.
The littles stood home with my parents.  They had a blast.  Dad had a clinical and did not get home until after dinner and the partying.  He scurried to get the littles to bed (especially Sparkles) between his clinical and night shift.  Lord, please continue to shower your graces on my dear husband as he follows Your call for his second vocation.

Sparkles had her First Penance on Saturday, April 24.  Dad took her but forgot the camera.  He was bummed.  He has gotten the hang of this blogging thing and really enjoys documenting our family’s journey.

We decided to have our Celebration for the Third Week of Easter on Saturday as a dinner party… more about it here

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