Easter Sunday!

Kids before Solemn High Mass.
Their sacrifice beans joyously turned jelly beans on Easter Sunday.


Easter Treats
Easter Egg Hunt
Completed Lenten Calendar


  1. Hi Lena- I love how you did individual sacrifice/jelly bean jars...great idea! Also adore Papi's hand on Blessed Mother's head...Love the hand of a little man:)

  2. We have done 1 jar in the past but thought it was time to allow each child to earn their own. There was some positive peer-pressure taking place in home during the Lenten season. :)

    Their Sacrifice jars also are used for almsgiving. This year since Sparkles is preparing to receive her First Communion in May, we decided to also take away beans for the times that they are unable to Joyfully serve or sacrifice.

    This is a wonderful tool to help encourage them. I'm currently trying to come up with another option for the rest of the Liturgical year. I want the reward to be modest and the focus to continue to be on Jesus and our goal, The Beatific Vision. Feel free to share any ideas.

    Pax Christi - Lena



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