Communion Edition – Tile Necklaces

First Communion Link - Girl

I wanted to do something special for my Little Flowers who were scheduled to receive their First Communion.  Rose quickly prompted me to make tile necklaces.  All of her friends loved the necklaces that they received for Christmas and wear them often.

I chose St. Therese to be the featured saint since she is the patron of our st therese

 I personalized the back with a First Communion picture and the date of their joyous date back

Lastly, Rose and I made simple rosary/necklace satchels for the gift and future presentation

Sparkles had a more personalized necklace since I know her patron st bernadette


First Communion JOY – Party

Share the JOY of your First Communicant.  This can be a First Communion Post from this year or recent years past.  It's just a simple way to share your JOY and lift one another up in prayer.

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  1. Lena~
    Wow, thanks so much for that tutorial you shared....I LOVE it when my readers share their knowledge :) Though, I just wanted to say, that's the first way I did it and had it printed as a pic at Walgreens (they did look very nice). The photo paper didn't allow the glue to dry (since it was nearly water resistant and no air could get in), so the photo kept peeling off the tile. That's why I ended up doing it this way (after much brainstorming). But, if you used a glue that DID dry under the glass, I would LOVE to know what it is! Thanks so much!

  2. I have not had any problems following the tutorial found here

    I use Diamond Glaze for my glue and gel Super Glue to adhere the pendant.

    Pax - Lena




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