I Want To Be….

sparkles praying in church
Sparkles took a break from her prostrate position while praying the rosary ~ Joyful Mysteries.  She slowly came to me never taking a break in prayer.  When she reached me she said, “I have a secret.”  Not knowing where it was going, I quickly informed her that we don’t keep secrets from mom and dad.  She proceeded in my ear, “I want to be just like Mary!” 
Sparkles is 6 years old (soon to be 7 on May 18) and the graces she has received from her recent First Communion (on May 8) are overflowing to our entire family.
Praise be to God!
all saints day party 393-1
Sparkles as Jacinta for All Saints Day

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  1. oh my. Bless her heart. what joy you must feel.

  2. Oh how sweet! And congratulations on her First Communion!

  3. Amazing grace! This reminds me of "I am the Mother of fair love and of fear and of knowledge and of holy hope."~ Eccles. XIV, 24~ Our children, like Sparkles, are the holy hope of the world! God Bless your family. Totus Tuus:)

  4. Wow! That's awesome. :D
    Thanks for joining, and you can join in on the Pro-Life Tuesdays blog hop too. :D

  5. I see it's your due date! :D

    Wow, I'll be praying for you Lena.



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