Joyous Day

 First Communion JOY – Party  

First Communion Link - Girl My Beloved Jesus,
On This Joyous Day,
I Have Been Given
The Opportunity To
Receive In Communion,
Your Body, Your Blood,
Your Spirit And
Your Supreme Divinity:
May I Prove Worthy And
Appreciative Of This Most
Scared Gift Bestowed.

~ Communion Invitation



sparkles in church


Sparkles had an early visit form her Nina & Nino (Godparents).  Her Nina presented her with a special glass rosary that she has treasured for Sparkles since she was born.

Sparkles also received other special First Communion items from her Godparents; Gold Rosary, Gold Chalice, Prayer Cards and a custom veil.

Sparkles was delighted!

She was also thankful for all the prayers that were to be offered for her on her special day by her Nina.  She was not able to attend Sparkles First Communion because she departed for a pilgrimage (on May 7) to the Shroud of Turin and other Holy ground.

 nina giving glass rosary prep nina reading card prep sparkles with gold communion rosary prep viel

Sparkles decided at the last minute not to wear her sister’s First Communion dress as earlier discussed.  Rose was honored for Sparkles to wear her dress but was adamant that it only be for her First Communion not for general Sunday attire.  When Sparkles inquired if a spare dress that I purchased earlier in the year could be used for “other Sundays, ” I knew she had her heart set.  The dress is hers to wear freely as she chooses in celebration of her blessed day. 


Sparkles requested that she go to the Sacrament of Penance one more time before receiving Our Lord in First Communion.  Dad made a special appointment since traveling was not an option.

She was also managed to get an early First Communion breakfast with Father D and Dad.prep with f d


We arrived at church with plenty of time to spare.  Sparkles gave thanks.  She was anxious the entire week.  She initiated and led a rosary on the way to church which is an hour drive.  

Praise and thanksgiving for child-like faith.

sparkles in roses before mass

enjoying the anticipation of receiving JESUSbefore mass

 proud dad

dad and sparkles before mass

time for girl talk

girl talk while waiting for mass blur 


girls waiting for mass blur


Sparkles was not the first which meant she is no longer the smallest.  This in itself yielded a smile.

waiting to enter blurentering church blur 

Sparkles desired to wear her new necklace of St. Bernadette.  I agreed but suggested that the necklace be tucked inside her dress.  I noticed early on that the necklace worked it’s way out. 

St. Bernadette pray for Sparkles. entering church profile blur entering church with n

Father L recapped on what he instructed the First Communicants on during their lessons.  He was able to reach the children in a way that we, their earthly parents can not.

Praise be to God for faithful Priests!

father l


The children re-entered the church after Mass for their enrollment in the Brown Scapular.

O God, Who hast honored the Order of Carmel with the special title of Thy most Blessed Mother Mary, ever Virgin: mercifully grant, that we who celebrate her memory this day with solemn office, may be shielded by her protection and deserve to come to everlasting joys: Who livest and reignest.
Prayer Source: 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal

re entering for enrollment in brown scapular blur

  blessing of brown scapular blessing of brown scapular v2enrollment of brown scapular  enrollment of brown scapular v2

in pew at mass sephia



This picture is the best we could do and I’m not complaining.  No retakes needed for this 39 weeks pregnant mama. 

mom (and baby G) ~ dad ~ papi ~ rose~ sweetie ~ sparkles

 after mass family

Rose & Sparkles

after mass rose and sparkles

Papa & Nana

Papa and Nana were thrilled to have a personal invite from Sparkles.  In fact, Sparkles gave personal invites to all her guests.  Unfortunately, they and Father D were the only quests able to attend.


Dad and I later reflected on how Sparkles so graciously accepted this small cross, limited attendees to a glorious day.  She is always putting others first and hardly every allows for a pity party.  She focuses on the gifts before her and finds JOY in all things.  This occasion was no different.  Sure, she was saddened that her intimate guest list was dwindled down to 2 parties especially when one of them called in sick the morning of -  but she did not get wrapped up in the details or focus on their absence.  Instead she did what Sparkles usually does, offered a prayer for them and moved on JOYfully!  Dad and I were touched by her example and continue to pray that this virtue flourish within her and spread through-out our family.


Papa & Nana do not attend our parish and are sometimes unsure of our willingness to travel so far for Mass and other parish functions.  However, this day provided graces for everyone present.

They were exceptionally impressed with the reverence of all those in attendance, especially the new communicants.  They couldn't quite articulate all that they experienced but I got the jest of it.

We pray that Our Lord continues to work on their hearts along with all others who were present on this blessed day.

after mass with papa and nana

We were sure not to miss a photo opp with any one of our blessed priests.  Thanks Evann for your reminder in your posting, More Traditions

Father D ~ Father L ~ Father Mfathers  


We had a nice intimate celebration with 22 First JOY



  1. The sheer beauty and presence of Christ is reflected here in your writing and photos...just lovely. Thank you for sharing this special day for Sparkles. Jesus is all we need...!
    Keep us posted when baby arrives!
    God Bless your sweet family and special hugs to Sparkles.


    We are so very thankful for your prayers, kind words and hugs.

    We will definitely keep you posted on Baby G's arrival.

    Pax Christi - lena

  3. Your daughter's heart is so pure -- such grace she has, to ask to go to confession once more before receiving her first holy communion. you have a beautiful family. I was touched by the hug given by the oplder sister sort of welcoming Sparkles -- among those who can receive Jesus. Everything was beautiful that day, you captured in pictures the joy of your daughter and family. blessings

  4. Thank you for sharing Ella's pictures on her special day in receiving Jesus. She is full of grace, beautiful & was just beaming. Keep us posted when the baby arrives. Blessings to all of you and you're all in our prayers.

  5. Memories from your kid's first communion should be kept forever! Your doing a great job with this blog! She is really very pretty!

  6. Thanks for sharing! This was so beautiful all the pictures and the joy of sharing such a beautiful day! :)

    First, congrats on the new baby (I didn't know)!!!

    Second, how lovely that you were able to do this in the Extraordinary form (or am I wrong?) I wish we could do that where we live (I'm secretly praying we can find a job for my beloved and move where there is a an FSSP parish!)

    Congratulations to your beautiful family!





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