Our Plans Are NOT His

We are far from perfect.  This day served as a reminder for us all.  It definitely did not go as planned.   Dad arrived home at 7am from his 2pm-9m clinical and his 10pm – 6:30 am evening shift.

Rose was on the ball as usual, dressed and starting to get the littles prepped.  I on the other had was not.  I had a surprise visitor the night before.  Papi joined me in bed around 3am and I didn’t get back to sleep until 5:45am.  Needless to say, I was in no way ready to face what we had planned for the day, May Procession & Mass.

We had 30 min. to get to our destination, the Cathedral which is 60min. away.  Dad and I were optimistic that it would work……we were wrong! 

My body was barley able to role out of bed.  I could see the exhaustion in dad’s eyes and could hear the unraveling from our GFG begin. 

This was my queue for an ejaculation, “Jesus, answer my door.”  He did so promptly, giving me the strength to set my pious plans aside and attend to those in need before me - including myself and precious load.  (This is not an easy act for me and has been an area that I’ve been trying to grow in.  I’ll leave that for another time and post.) This decision did not sit well with the girls who had their hearts set on walking for Mary. 

Thus, the morning served as an opportunity for training hearts and family devotion.  Yes, restrictions were also implemented after apologies were made.

He continues to refine us toward His will.  His mercy is endless and His blessings are plentiful. 

Father, ruin any plans of ours that are not Yours.

Some of the blessings that were bestowed upon us today:

opportunity to train hearts

meditated on our Family’s Yearly Spiritual Focus - to become servants to one another


cooked meal for breakfast v.s. the bagel and juice on-the-go

GFG had some great quality dad time

completed some of the baby prep


dad finished baking home made bread with our GFG

GFG found two puppies that they cared for until their owners were found.  This was a big treat since they do not have warm-blooded pets and may never again while in our home due to allergies and other circumstances.

celebrated the Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker

baked a cake

visited with Nana

had car cleaned and serviced

Lastly, were are all blessed with faithful priest and a parish that offers the Sacrament of Penance* before Mass.  Sparkles is especially thankful for this blessing which is new to her. 



*  "SPURRING THE FAITHFUL"   The sacrament of Penance contains in itself, precisely because it imparts or increases supernatural grace, the power of spurring the faithful to practice fervent charity, to perform the resulting good works and to accept devoutly the sorrows of life which also merit the remission of temporal punishment. ~ Pope John Paul II

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