She’s 7!

Sparkles turned 7 on May 18, the day after her new brother was born.  She is now part of the club.  Each child shares a birth month with another family member, in fact they are each 1 day apart from their “bsparkles with pizzairthday buddy.”

Rose – March 29

Mom – March 30

Baby G – May 17

Sparkles – Ma7 18

Papi – August 24

Sweetie – August 25

Dad – Nov. 18

no “birthday buddy”

Don’t ask me how this happened.  It’s beyond us but the kids sure do enjoy sharing a month with one another. 

Sparkles prayed that her baby brother would be born on her birthday.  She saw the special surprise that Sweetie received from my parents when Papi was born, an impromptu birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  We do not go to Chuck E Cheese so this has been a real treat. 

Sparkles started planning her celebration early on and was a little bummed when I went to the hospital on Sunday, May 16.  Nonetheless, she continued to pray and her faithfulness was my cross.  Baby G was born 1 day later on May 17.

Sparkles celebrated as planned when we arrived home from the hospital on May 18.  Baby G and I stayed home.   sparkles cake sparkles in car sparkles on horse  sweetie and chuckie dad and sweetie with teethkids filming their veggie tale movie



  1. WOW, The Lord works in amazing ways! This is so neat. We will pray that Dad has a birthday buddy in God's time;-) Happy, Happy hugs and birthday blessings to Sparkles!

  2. Awwww---there's no greater birthday gift than a baby brother, and a birthday buddy to boot! Sorry your labor was extended, though. I just know you saved many many souls with your extra suffering--if I know you. ;)

    Love, love the pictures of your chubby, squishy, little guy! So sweet. :D

    Just so you know, we're back with Kids Say the Darndest Things! this week (after taking two weeks off). We'd love to have you join in or just stop by if you're able. :D

    In Christ,
    Lucy, Molly and Caroline



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