St. John the Baptist

St__John_the_Bap_front "John the Baptist teaches that the greatest joy for an apostle is to see that Christ increases while he or she decreases on behalf of Him." (Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock, pg. 107)

St. John the Baptist


Coloring – Mysteries of the Rosary

Coloring – St. John the Baptist ~ Baptism of the Lord

Coloring - Baptism of the Lord


The Challenge:

Rose and her friend were given the challenge to create something edible that would correlate with St. John the Baptist.  They were given the following supplies…….

locust supplies

These are their creations…

 locust creations

Their creations were fairly simple but they got their wheels turning.  The girls searched for something chewy and found my stash of Red Vines.  The girls cut the Red Vines into small chunks to represent locusts.  They stuffed the locust-like licorice pieces with pretzel sticks to provide the crunch.  Lastly, they dipped their concoction in chocolate to disguise the licorice-pretzel locusts. 

Their locust creation was great in taste and looks.

 I wish I wasn’t so rusty in my blogging skills and had the right-mind to take pictures.  : )

I decided to enlist my littles.  We created chocolate covered crickets for a family play date with parish families.  We broke pretzel sticks up and dipped them in chocolate.  I used the same technique as used when making Chinese New Year Cookies found here.

chocolate covered crickets


All the families present loved their special St. John the Baptist treats.

St__John_the_Bap back

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