Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
July 16 - Today is the principal feast day of the Carmelite Order. Through the efforts of the crusader Berthold, a group of hermits living on Mount Carmel were organized into an Order after the traditional Western type about the year 1150. Oppressed by the Saracens, the monks slowly emigrated to Europe. During the night preceding the sixteenth of July, 1225, the Blessed Virgin is said to have commanded Pope Honorius III to approve the foundation. Since the Carmelites were still under constant harassment, the sixth General of the Order, St. Simon Stock, pleaded with the Blessed Virgin for some special sign of her protection. On July 16, 1251, she designated the scapular as the special mark of her maternal love. That is why the present feast is also known as the feast of the Scapular. The scapular, as part of the habit, is common to many religious Orders, but it is a special feature of the Carmelites. A smaller form of the scapular is given to lay persons in order that they may share in the great graces associated with it. Such a grace is the "Sabbatine privilege." In the so-called Bulla Sabbatina John XXII affirmed that wearers of the scapular are soon freed from the flames of purgatory, at least by the Saturday after death. The confirmation of the Bulla Sabbatina was promulgated by the Sacred Congregation of Indulgences, July 4, 1908
Scapular of Carmel, a Treasure For the Church - From the Vatican, 25 March 2001. Joannes Paulus II
Rose & Mom at Carmelite Monastery
Rose and I in front of the Carmelite Monastery Chapel – June 2008

Rosa Mystica Girls Society singing Flos Carmeli to the Carmelites after Mass
(be sure to turn off the music below before playing this short clip)


  1. This is really beautiful. Thank you for posting this (and for visiting my blog =) The first communion party is beautiful. Maybe if you host it again next spring (not sure of your children's ages), we can join you with photos of my daughter's special day ... And congratulations on the birth of your littlest blessing! I am expecting my 6th in December!

  2. Their voices are melodious, sweet, angelic! Thank you for sharing and God Bless.



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