100th In Review

We celebrated Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday with great JOY & simplicity.

indian fried bread

Indian Fried Bread – Catholic Cuisine

 stuffed mother teresa joymother teresa 100th bday celebration JOY Mother Teresa Embroidery Pattern – Waltzing Matilda

Mother Teresa Novena

3rd Day

“I Thirst”

“Follow His footsteps in search of souls.  Carry Him and His light into the homes of the poor, especially to the souls most in need.  Spread the charity of His Heart wherever you go and so satiate His thirst for souls.”

~ Mother Teresa

4th day

Our Lady Will Help You

“If we stand with Our Lady, she will give us her spirit of loving trust, total surrender and cheerfulness.”

~ Mother Teresa


  1. I love the quotes you have chosen. Everything Mother Teresa said was profound!

  2. Your Mother Theresa doll is just exquisite!! I am so inspired by your beautiful blog. God bless your family!!

  3. Your doll is so wonderful! I've pinned it for reference! (it's especially perfect, as her mother had an embroidery business!)

  4. thanks for your kind words, mollie. i hadn't realized that her mother had an embroidery business.



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