Full Of Thanks!!!

Today, August 24 was a joyous celebration.  Papi turned 3.  We have much to be thankful for. 

papi 2007 collage

Unfortunately, we kept the celebration low key.  Papi and sweetie, once again, opted out of our birthday tradition

The littles (we believe) have a mild case of salmonella due to a bad batch of eggs. 

We visited the zoo on Monday.

papi 2010 collage

Tomorrow we will celebrate Papi’s baptismal anniversary, Sweetie’s 5th birthday and our wedding anniversary.  I’m a bit overwhelmed but full of thanks!

***papi 2008 collagepapi 2009 collagev2 ***

Thank you Heavenly Father for the all the JOYs that you have brought to us through Papi.  We give thanks for Your abundant love - to bring us to our knees, to draw us closer to You.  We thank you for giving us the graces to persever and trust in Your providence.  Your mercy has overflowed unto us and we pray to follow You always.



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