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“May He strengthen you inwardly through the working of His Spirit. May Christ dwell in your hearts through faith, and may charity be the root and foundation of your life" (Eph 3:14-17).20100804105011 

We organized our 5th National Night Out NNO (3rd  in this neighborhood).   It almost didn’t happen.  I had attempted to find another event organizer  earlier in the year since I new baby G was due in May, Mr. would be swamped in clinicals and long work hours, school prep would be taking place…..the list goes on.  I waited but there were no willing parties.  I thought that we would just forgo this year’s event.  However, Our Lord had other plans. 

I believe that that Our Heavenly Father is prompting my family to form community.  We are still discerning this call and pray to obediently follow.  Currently, we attempt to witness to those physical neighbors that have been put before us.  We do this in several ways, NNO being one of them.

Just as I was ready to be at peace with not coordinating the event and being able to help the community come together, a gentle reminder was placed.  This reminder came in the way of Catholic radio.  More specifically, Teresa Tomeo. Teresa Tomeo mentioned National Night Out in her morning news segment on Monday, August 2. 

I took the prompting and began to send emails and print fliers for distribution – all for an event that was to take place the following day.  There’s nothing like last minute! (it’s all in God’s timing, right.)

The kids canvassed the neighborhood, posting signs on Monday afternoon and early Tuesday Morning. 

The turnout was perfect. The event was simplified from the years past but probably the most joyous of all.  I was able to relax and connect with neighbors.  Mr. was also able to join us for the last 30 min.  Papi kept his pants on the entire evening (that’s a story for another time).  It was a success ~ praise be to God!

Simplify is another prompting from the Holy Ghost that has been placed on our hearts.  We are a work in progress but definitely feel the call to SIMPLIFY in ALL areas of our lives – words, material possessions, food, extracurricular activities, spiritual practices……to better follow Him.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the LORD delivers him out of them all.  Psalms 34:19

Simplify; repair; love

Please keep the following neighbors in prayer:

Addie, mom and family.  Addie was born via c-section on Monday, August 2

Two moms who are expecting.  One in September, the other in December.

Those in law enforcement who are facing cuts in pay due to the State budget.

The young (and not so young) who are finishing school. 

A young couple that is separated, possibly seeking a divorce.


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