Make A Wish!

Sweetie turned 5 the day after Papi turned 3.  They both opted out of our birthday tradition, to have a date with mom and dad.  They wanted to continue their yearly pool party.  We have scaled back tremendously over the years – trying to simplify. 

Papi and Sweetie hardly got out of the water.  Although, Papi is the only toddler I saw get out to use the restroom.  I lost count after the 4th visit to the bathroom.  I couldn’t believe it, this from a boy who makes his mark on the carpet in our home.

Sweetie swam till her eyes were burning.  She didn’t even care to open her presents (at the pool). 

bday pool 2010

They both opened their presents at home.  They were delighted with their new treasures.  Sweetie received a lovely costume jewelry necklace that she was so pleased with.  However, she did not know where she was going to “put it.”  Sparkles immediately offered, “you can put in my jewelry box.  You can have it.  It’s your present.”  My heart leaped.  Sparkles ability to be detached and give at anytime always proves to be a great witness to us all.

I give thanks for our children (GFG) and each day You grant us.  I pray that all of our GFG walk in Your light and be filled with Your JOY. 


  1. Your children are so very precious! Happy Birthday to both Sweetie & Papi!

  2. a lovely outing for celebrating two birthdays! happy birthday to little 5 year old and little 3 year old. they are all beautiful. and the cake is pretty awesome too. isn't it wonderful when a child shows such selfless love.

  3. Birthday Blessings, dear Sweetie and Papi!

  4. Just wanted to say hello and happy birthday to your children! YOu have a beautiful blog and always leave beautiful comments. I enjoy reading your simple blessings that you write.

  5. ...and may I add, what a great cake!



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