School Is In Session…

 …soon!  We have not officially started our school year.  We finished up in June and will start back up in September.  However, we have begun our usual school readiness – where we gradually add a couple of “school items” to our daily routine.  This is probably more for me than for the kids.  They’re always ready to school and in fact, they do but they don’t consider it school unless all the new school items are in place.  I on the other hand, need a gradual transition.  The transition helps me to  work out scheduling conflicts, rev up to an early rise time, train the littlest ones so that they’re somewhat used to a more structured day once school is completely in session, and lastly – I love schooling!
Really, I do!  Once, when Rose was about 7 she asked me, “mom, what did you want to be when you were a kid?”  I replied, “ a teacher.  I was always playing school in my home.  I would set up my bedroom for school and my stuffed animals were the students.  I even had a school-like chalkboard/whiteboard that was on rollers.  I loved pretending that I was a teacher.”  She quickly chimed in, “Mom!!!  Your dream came true…you are a teacher…you teach me at home!!!”
I had never put the two together like that before.  It was a consolation that I needed at that time and one that I often need to reflect back on.  God is good! 
2010 – 2011
Rose – 10/11  *  Sparkles – 1/2  *  Sweetie - K 
Papi – Pre-K  * Dragonfly – Teacher’s Pet
joyfilled gfg on desk
3 littles with chalkboard papi collage 8.5x11 sweetie collage 8.5x11sparkles collage 8.5x11rose collage
dragonfly and big sis collage
    Dragonfly is shaping out to be a lovely teacher’s pet. 
joyfilled gfg in desk with apples
previous 2 school years
2009 - 2010
Rose – 9/10  *  Sparkles – K/1  *  Sweetie - (whatever Sparkles does)  *  Papi - school mascot
I’m not sure what happened last school year (09-10), I did not take “school” pictures.  These pictures were taken at the start of the school year, a field to the Sisters of the Cross.  School 2009-10
2008 - 2009
Rose – 8/9  *  Sparkles – K  *  Sweetie - (whatever Sparkles does)  *  Papi – teacher’s pet
I love the uniforms.  So do the children.  In fact, when I asked the little ones to get a dress on for this school year’s (2010-11) pictures, they returned with their uniforms on.  Thus, I postponed school pictures. I would have moved forward but Rose does not have a uniform anymore and I wanted to have “free-dress.”school 2008-09



  1. It's it a delight to look back over the years and see the changes. I love those uniforms too. and how sweet that lil dragonfly is known as the teacher's pet. with that face and chub chub legs, who wouldn't be!!!

  2. What absolutely beautiful kids!
    I hope this is a marvelous 2010-2011 school year.
    Be blessed

  3. Thank you for sharing your delight! The children are precious and beautiful, each one:-) Love the new blog look too. God Bless you and all your hard work for His glory!

  4. It is wonderful to meet you! You have a beautiful family!
    Reading "We pray to completey surrender our will to His and to become His servants." In your about me. made my heart smile. We too are a Catholic family doing all we can to teach our children or Gods children about the Catholic faith. We too pray to completey surrender our will to His and to become His servants. Along with family rosary each day. Im looking forward to keeping up with you. Blessings in Christ, Catherine Anne

  5. Love your back to school pics - past and present! I've been enjoying your blog for months, so I have left an award for you on my site. Enjoy, and thanks for blogging.

  6. SUCH great pictures!! this is making me think i should be doing yearly 'beginning of school' pictures. LOVE them.

  7. Beautiful children!!!

    What a great idea!!

    Love, Lori



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