All Saints Party

candy bowlsWe are anxiously awaiting All Saints Day, a time to give thanks and praise for all of the Church Triumphant.

We plan to attend our parish’s Annual All Saints Eve Party. It’s wonderful to celebrate the feast days at church.

Hopefully, I’ll have their saint costumes ready by this evening and I won’t have to pull off an all-nighter.

I did find time early this morning to create hand-painted goody bowls for a friend who will also be hosting a fabulous All Saints Eve party.  I can’t wait to have some candy share this feast day with our parish community and friends.

candy bowls m candy bowls p


  1. Those bowls are ADORABLE!!! :D

  2. you're an artist! love the bowl artwork. cant wait to see pics of your little saints.

  3. Those bowls are AMAZING! Love them. Fabulous job. Wow.

  4. AMDG
    thanks for your kind comments. i looove personalizing items. however, i kinda over did it with my eldest daughter. i'm thrilled that i can bring my paint pens out of retirement for my little ones. :)

  5. LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing them on my Catholic Inspired Link-up! They are too cute!! God Bless!



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