Hope Topiary

Ivy is the flower/plant that coordinates with Hope - Little Flowers Wreath I.  Ivy topiaries are my favorite.  It was an easy choice for me, I decided to have the girls plant an ivy clipping for St. Monica & Hope.   The girls will care for their ivy plants in hope that they will take root and grow to be formed around the heart topiary.IMG_0162

"Hope must encircle and cling to your heart like the climbing ivy."

~ The Catholic Girl's Guide

  topiary supplies JOY


  • floral wire 20 gauge – 30/pack $1.99
  • floral wire 22 gauge - $2.99
  • wire cutters - $4.99
  • soil (preferably seeding soil) - $5.99
  • planting pots - $1.49/pack (10 in ea pack.  3 packs for 30 girls)
  • ivy - $4.99/pot (2 pots need for 30 girls)

St. Monica Hope Heart Topiary - $1.01 per topiary

Softwood Ivy Cuttings. If time is not a consideration you can take softwood cuttings about 6 to 8 inches in length, remove the lower 2-3 leaves and insert the cutting into some damp sand or vermiculite. Keep it in a warm spot, and the roots should develop fairly rapidly (anywhere from 10-20 days) giving you a new plant.


  1. create heart frame out of the 20 gauge wire
  2. reinforce the heart frame by twisting the 22 gauge wire around the frame
  3. cut the ivy clippings slightly below fresh growth (cut immediately before planting)
  4. fill the pot 3/4 full with soil.  lightly water.
  5. insert the heart frame
  6. insert the ivy clipping into the soil.  use multiple clippings to ensure that one will take.
  7. fill the pot with soil.   lightly water.  be sure that the clippings are firmly set in the soil.
  8. train the ivy growth up the frame

Ivy topiaries will last and last, given proper care. Bright indirect light and moderately moist soil will keep ivy happy indoors.
The Ivy Heart Topiary is a  low maintenance houseplant that grows quickly and has been trained on the topiary and only needs occasional pruning or guiding to keep it's shape. Place this topiary in bright indirect light and keep the soil evenly moist.   – Caring For Your Topiary


Instructions for topiary growth

How to re-pot a plant

How to grow trained ivy topiary

How to grow and train and ivy plant

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