A New Season

Today was a blessed day, Divine Maternity of Our Lady.  We were able to visit the Pumpkin Farm with friends and family.  We gave thanks for Papi’s wellbeing.  He was in the hospital during this time last year with pneumonia in both lungs.

It was Dragonfly’s first visit to the Pumpkin Farm.

gio pumpkin farm 10 v2

Rose was a sweetheart, as usual. rose pumpkin farm 2010

Sparkles and Sweetie were especially fond of each other.Documents3

Sparkles was a hard worker; making a bail of hay, grooming sheep, inspecting eggs, brushing a horse and  petting the goats.carm pumpkin farm 10

Sparkles was night-n-day from the previous night when she was put on restrict.  Her prayer to her Guardian Angel was fruitful.clare pumpkin farm 2010

Papi  liked everything about the farm.  Mom and dad liked the fact that it was gated and he couldn’t get far.papi pumpkin 10

These are the days to remember!


  1. what a fun day you all had. We still have to get to the pumpkin patch. perhaps this coming weekend. and is that you with your dear husband in the firstphoto? You are a beautiful mother!

  2. AMDG

    gardenia - yes, that's my dh. we're able to have him with us for daily activities (including school) since he works nights. he's the best. he didn't even sleep from a 10hr shift. may God bless him.

    pax Christi - lena

    Such beautiful children...and that little man must get his cheeks pinched a LOT! CUTIE!!!!!

  4. Awesome photo collage and precious moments! Thanks for sharing JOY. Praise God for good health;-)



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