Painted Pumpkins

painted pumpkins collageWe decided to forgo pumpkin carving this year.  The girls want to make pumpkin pie with their pumpkins and I’m a bit under the weather at the moment.  We plan digging into the pumpkins at a later time, when all are well.  For now, I pulled out the paint.

Camera Dump 1631 Sparkles decided to paint the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Camera Dump 1624 

Sweetie chose St. Clare, of course.

Camera Dump 1634

Rose played it safe with her favorite JMJ design.

Camera Dump 1629

Papi took to a camouflage cross.

Check out Catholic Cuisine for more pumpkin creations.


  1. Lovely, lovely! Great idea and love the paint colors (pearl?)and designs. Healthy prayers comin your way;-)

  2. Wonderful! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Awesome! That one with St. Clare on it? Now THAT's what a call a Saint-o-Lantern! :-)

  4. tiffany - we used std acrylic paints. i'm not familar with pearl. is that i type of paint?

    melody - we are still a bit under the weather but that's normal for us during this time of year. thanks for your well wishes.

    lacy - st. clare, all the way!

  5. These are all great! They each have a unique beauty! You should be very pleased with your kids! God bless!



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