Parties From the Past

We have been attending our parish’s All Saints Day Parties for the past 5 years.

Here is a glimpse of the fun.


2009-11-02 all saints day party

the pumpkins were the creations of other saints from church

all saints day party 379

here are more pictures of…kids dressed up as saints….delicious carmel apples….pumpkin fun


All Saints Day Oct 31, 2008 001

All Saints Day Oct 31, 2008 009All Saints Day Oct 31, 2008 014All Saints Day Oct 31, 2008 019 all saints day 

We participated in the Procession & Litany of Saints.

We hosted the St. Germaine’s Candy in a Haystack booth.  We hid candy in the hay and each kid/saint was given an allotted amount of time to search for the candy.

Her appearance was such that her stepmother refused to allow Germaine to live in the house with her father's new family and so she was quartered in a stable and slept on hay.

Saint Germaine died at the age of 22 alone at night in the barn where she slept.


Rose ~ St. Lucyst lucy oct 2005

st lucy oct 05 all saints day



  1. Love the Litany of Saints Procession and all of your delightful "saint" photos! What a blessing to have this opportunity right in your parish;-) Special blessings and praise to the organizers!!!!

  2. it is a true blessing to have a faithfilled parish and devoted sheperds. much praise and thanks to the amazing families/organizers!

  3. It looks like A LOT of fun!! And your costumes are great!! Hope you and the family have another blessed feast day again this year!!



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