The Rosary ~ A Family Devotion

“Cling to the Rosary as the creeper clings to the tree – for without Our Lady we cannot stand.” ~ Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

I’m joining the Rosary Link Up hosted by Lacy from Catholic Icing.  Here are a few examples of the ways that we pray and share the Rosary.
Praying the Rosary for the Unborn
walk for life JOY
During the month of October we join the 40 Days for Life campaign and pray the Rosary at the local abortion mill.  This devotion is addition to our daily family Rosary.

Rosary Matching Game
rosary_cards_with_ten_commandments rosary_cards_with_ten_commandments_p2
Here is the link to download/print.
I created a Rosary matching game to help Sparkles prepare for her First Holy Communion.  The idea came from Jessica at Shower of Roses, of course.  The children love the game and continue to use it. 
The cards also help them to meditate on the mysteries while praying the Rosary.  They’re especially helpful for Papi.  We have sets everywhere; baby bag, church bag, family altar, rosary rack….
I laminate the cards, hole punch them and hold them together with key rings.  I have also used ribbon to keep the cards together.
rosary cards JOY
Video & Audio
Here is a list of a few of our go-to sources.
We occasionally use video of the Rosary to help the children us better meditate on the mysteries of the rosary.
The Traditional Latin Rosary DVDThe Traditional Latin Rosary video by Pro-Multis is our favorite.  We actually own all their children’s videos.  They’re traditional, beautiful and informative! Here is a clip of the rosary video. 
My husband (when not playing Gregorian Chant), will often play this video during our school day.  The children are always drawn to it.  They will sneak away during the school day to pray along.  Usually we find them prostrating and praying.  Other times, it’s just an ejaculation as they walk by.  Sometimes, it’s even praying along in the school room as they work – Ora et Labora!

The children also like to pray along with Mother Angelica and Sisters on EWTN.  We join in for the 6:30pm PST broadcast.  We do not have TV or cable connection so we watch it via internet from here.

We sometimes catch the Rosary for Kids on EWTN during their kids hour from (12:45) 1-2 (2:15)pm PST.  The show/video is just the right length for Papi (3 year old boy).  The Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be are recited after each mystery is explained.
 How to Pray the Rosary Thumbnail
There is also the downloadable audio rosary from Rosary Army.  You can listen to the links directly from the computer or download the mp-3 files to take on the go.
Additional Audio Rosary Links:
Rosary Storage
Rosary rack JOY
We store our family rosaries on a Rosary Rack.  The Rosary Rack is actually a picture/key holder wall shelf.  I found it on clearance and repurposed it.  
The Rosary Rack is located in the school room/former dining room.  This is a central room in our home.  The rosaries are visible from the front door to all who enter. 

My husband and I try to carry a rosary with us at all times.  We encourage the children to do the same.  We attempt to pray the rosary when out and about so that we never remain idle.
It also helps us not to get taken in by the temptations around us.  For example, in the dentist’s waiting room there are numerous magazines with inappropriate covers and now they’ve even added a television.  Praying the rosary helps us keep custody of our senses when we can not physically remove ourselves from the presence of temptations.
Our children have also become accustomed to using what they have on hand to pray the rosary.  The girls and I often use our Marian/Saint bracelets.  They even know how to use their God-given rosary, their fingers.
mom bracelet JOYkids bracelet JOY
Sharing the Devotion
In addition to praying the rosary in public, we give rosaries away.  We generally use and purchase inexpensive plastic rosaries.  We keep extras in the car.  A rosary and prayer card is almost always given to someone on the street in need.  Sometimes this is in addition to a meal or small offering.
We have also taken the children to pray the rosary with the elderly and sick in nursing homes.   The residents are always filled with gratitude and joy.

For the Greater Glory of God
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Month of the Rosary


  1. The rosary matching game is too cute and I love the links for the audio rosaries! Thank you so much for sharing those! Happy Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and thanks so much for linking! :-)

  2. Lacy - Thanks for hosting the Rosary link up party. I've enjoyed reading the shared Rosary ideas and practices.

    Pax Christ - Lena

  3. Hi Lena, I came across your rosary post in God's perfect timing! I plan to use them with my first graders this weekend. Blessings to you for your generosity!



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