Colors of Piety Frame

colors of piety of frame joyHere’s the latest Little Flowers creation, a Colors of Piety Frame.    It was created to help the girls remember their lesson on the virtue of piety and St. Cecilia.  It was fairly simple but required adult supervision due to the use of hot-glue guns.  The girls plan to use their piety frames for their home/bedroom altars.
supplies joy
  • colored popsicle sticks – one of each color/frame (Dollar Tree Store) $1/pack (16/color)
  • reg. popsicle sticks – 1 and 1/2 per frame (Dollar Tree Store) $1/pack
  • scissors
  • hot-glue gun
  • colors of piety cards (can be printed from here)
steps joy

  • print colors of piety cards
  • laminate cards
  • trim cards
  1. glue one colored popsicle stick on left and right side of card, directly onto the laminated card
  2. glue one colored popsicle stick on top and bottom of card, directly onto the attached popsicle sticks from step #1
  3. glue two colored popsicle sticks onto the back side of the laminated card.  glue each adjoining area.
  4. glue the reg. popsicle stick onto the back/bottom of the laminated card and exposed colored popsicle stick.  slightly angle the popsicles stick upward.  this will serve as the bottom stopper for a picture and stand for the frame.
  5. glue the half reg. popsicle stick onto the reg. popsicle stick that was glued in step #4.
you can keep the frame as is or place a picture into the frame.
The color of piety card was inspired from here, Jessica at Shower of Roses.

1 comment:

  1. this is an excellent craft idea. Just to do it for any reasons, to frame a lesson or bible cerse or picture! you must have an awesome Dollar store. the ones we have hear have almost zero Christian supplies, let alone Catholic supplies, and I've not seen colored popsicle sticks before. Anyway, I've got to get myself a glue gun for sure.



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