Giving Thanks - Craft

I used this craft for Little Flowers – Perseverance & St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  My family has made this a Thanksgiving/Pre-Advent Tradition.

The Gratitude Cards are intended to be used from now until the start of Advent - Nov. 28, 2010. 

The the goal is for the children & family to work on preparing their hearts to receive the most wonderful gift, Jesus. 

The box was decoupaged with a picture of Our Blessed Mother, Lord Jesus Christ, and/or another Saint.  It can later be used as a prayer box to store the intentions of family and friends.  The box can also be used for keepsakes such as Rosary, Miraculous Medal, etc.  It also serves as a great gift for another.  We often use the boxes to present a spiritual bouquet to someone dear.

A card is to be randomly selected from the box on a daily basis.  The activity/card selected should be performed by all members of the household.

Here’s an example:  “I’m Thankful for my toys.”  Give some of your toys away to Goodwill so that other children may enjoy them. 

The card is then placed on the hanging twine for all to see.  This serves as a reminder that this task needs to be completed.  It also helps to reflect on what you are giving thanks for.

I put our twine and cards over the fireplace.  The kids love to see what they have completed and what they are thankful for. 

Sparkles couldn't wait to start her cards.  She was even more excited when she selected the card, "I'm Thankful For Our Car."  Her task was to clean the car and then go out for ice cream cones.  She has never been so happy to clean the car.  She rallied her sisters and went to work.  I even gave a hand.  I couldn't resist their enthusiasm.



Gratitude Cards:

  • I’m Thankful for… Cards (I printed my cards from here and selected the cards that applied to my family and Catholic Faith.)
  • Scrapbook cardstock (I purchased a 4.5x6 book of Thanksgiving scrapbook papers, found at Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • Glue/double stick tape
  • Hole punch
  • Twine/raffia

Gratitude Box:

  • Paper box (purchased from the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart)
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Holy Picture
  • Foam Brush


Gratitude Cards:

  • Print & cut the I’m Thankful for… Cards
  • Trim your scrapbook paper to frame the “Thankful Cards”
  • Adhere the cards to your scrapbook paper
  • Hole punch the scrapbook paper with card
  • Thread a piece of twine/raffia in the hole and tie onto the hanging twine for display

Gratitude Box:

  • Spray paint the brown/paper box with gold spray paint
  • Trim your holy picture as desired
  • Adhere the picture to the box by brushing a thin layer of Mod Podge on the box. 
  • Brush another layer of Mod Podge over the picture and entire top surface of the box.  Repeat as desired, allowing time for drying in between coats.

Father, "I will give thanks to you, O Lord, with all my heart" (Ps 138:1).


  1. what a lovely crafty idea. (anything with mod podge is very fun at our house!) I clicked on the thankful cards -- very cute. thanks for this idea. I like how you strung them across the fireplace mantle.

  2. Wonderful project and fabulous idea!

  3. What a great idea. I think I need to get some mod podge!

  4. I added this to my favorites! I love this idea! Thanks!

  5. Thanks, Lena, for another wonderful and outrageously creative post! Thanks also for the beautiful tile necklace which arrived today. You are amazing!

  6. all - thanks for stopping by. i'm happy to share. it's the least i can do since i'm always finding great ideas at your blogs.

    kim - mod podge is a staple in my home.

    alicia - it's such a simple craft/activity. we reuse the cards each year and add/change out a few as needed. the children look foward to this tradition. all for Jesus.

    evann - i'm happy to hear that the package arrived unharmed. to Jesus through Mary.

  7. Lena, bless your heart. I received your beautifully wrapped package last night and gorgeous pendant, along with the Total Consecration to Mary book. It is just what I needed and have been planning to order. You've tyaken all the steps I've been meaning to take to start myself on the journey to total consecration. how could you have known I needed that little push. I love the pendant and the way you wrapped everything with such care and beauty. God bless you!



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