Marian Consecration

I decided to repost the consecration formula that we use for our children at the time of their baptism.  It is renewed every year at the anniversary of their baptismal vows.  We also use the St. Louis de Montfort’s formula for Total Consecration.

consecrationconsecration words

Father SO re-created this consecration booklet with colored pictures.


this is the formula used by our FSSP Priests

Blessed Virgin Mary, * Queen of Heaven and Earth, * to your Immaculate Heart,* the channel of all graces, * we consecrate this child * whom we have received from God’s goodness.

We offer him [her] to you * that you may present him [her] to Your Divine Son, * that you may take him [her] under your loving, maternal protection,* that you may preserve him [her] from dangers, * that you may keep him [her] from all sin, * that you may make him [her] grow in piety * and in all virtue * so that he [she] may always be worthy * to call himself [herself] your child.

May he [she] grow daily in wisdom and in grace, * may he [she] go through life having you always as his [her] refuge and mother. * May all virtues shine in him [her] * and may he [she] never offend your maternal Heart.

May the Eternal Father always look upon him [her] with delight * and see in him [her] * a ray and reflection of your Immaculate Beauty. 

And as today he [she] gladdens our home, * so may he [she] one day gladden the Eternal Home * which we pray will be his [hers].   Amen.

Below is the original booklet for consecration.  I’m unable to locate where the booklet can be purchased.

This Consecration booklet has been given a Nihl obstat, Imprimi potest, and an Imprimatur.

consecration of a child consecration v2

How to Consecrate a Child to Our Lady

This is printed on the back cover of the booklet.

Parents who wish to consecrate their child to the Blessed Mother of God should carry the infant to her altar or shrine.  They may authorize the Godparents to this immediately after Baptism, or do i themselves soon after Baptism, for instance, on the First Saturday or on some Feast of our Blessed Lady.  There they should dedicate and offer the child to Mary Immaculate, begging her to accept the child as her own property, so that the child may ever enjoy Mary’s special maternal protection throughout life and at the hour of death.

The parents should promise Our Lady to raise the child in truly Christian manner and to instill in it from the earliest infancy a tender love for Jesus and Mary.  If possible the family Rosary should be recited daily in the home.

On the day of the consecration it would be fitting for the mother, in token of her surrender of her little one to the Queen of Heaven, to have offered, as her two turtle doves, a Mass and an alms in Our Lady’s honor for the child’s temporal and eternal welfare.  She should pray like Queen Blanche of Castile for her son, St. Louis of France – that the child may ever preserve its Baptismal innocence.  Let her likewise ask that if this grace is ever lost through mortal sin, it may be regained through the immediate, or at least through final repentance.


Melody at Blossoming Joy has listed another formula for Consecration.

Consecration of a Child to Mary

Holy Mary, Mother of God and Mother of all faithful, I place my little child under your mothering protection. To you I completely consecrate him - body and soul. Take him under your care and keep him always. Protect him in his infancy and keep him sound in body and mind. Guard over his youth and keep his heart pure, his thoughts ever holy and directed to God and spiritual things. Protect him always throughout life - in his joys and sorrows, in his dealings with others. Always and in all things be a true mother to him, Mary, and preserve him. I commend him entirely to you. Remember Mother Mary, that through this act of consecration he is by a special claim your child as well as mine; guard him and keep him as your property and possession. Amen.

-- From a Catholic Mother's Manual prayer book (1941) by A. Francis Coomes, S.J.


  1. How beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this prayer and formula!

  2. +AMDG+

    melody - thanks for the prompting.

    it is never too early to consecrate a baby. our baby's first consecration takes place in the womb, before the Blessed Sacrament.

    To Jesus Through Mary

  3. I am looking for a Consecration to do with 1st grade students. I remember a book I had long ago for this, but I can't locate it. Any ideas?
    Thanks so much!

  4. I like Leading Little Ones to Mary.

    I plan to use it again this year with my little's (4yo and 6yo). The entire family will follow along and supplement with our normal consecration plan.

    Here's a book description from Seton. This reader instills a genuine devotion to Mary in the little ones. Sixteen chapters to be read every other day to allow the child to reflect on the devotion. This book is meant to be read by parents to their children. Excellent book for instilling a life-time devotion to Our Lady. Imprimatur. Black and white with illustrations.



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