Piety Pin

st cecilia piety pins

Piety Pins were the main craft for my last Little Flowers meeting.  The girls loved the pins and were excited to share them.  Many of the girls gave their pin to a loved one.

piety pin joy


  • multi-colored beads - ($3.99/bag) divide beads by color
  • silver beads - ($2.99/bag) used as spacers
  • jewelry/butterfly/french pins -  found at JoAnn's in the bead dept. ($1.99/pack)
  • saint medal - ($.32 – $.60/medal)


  • straighten the safety pin
  • thread the beads directly onto the safety pin.  be sure that all the beads are pushed to the back side of the needle so that the side with the sharp end is without beads, free to be threaded into clothing.
  • open the top ring of the medal and place the the medal onto the beaded pin.
  • bend back the pin to its original form.

This craft coordinates with Father Lasance’s Colors of Piety.

the possibilities are endless!

piety pins joy 

The Colors Of Piety

Rosy Red: Zeal in hearing Mass

Scarlet Orange: Works of Charity

Bright Gold: Practice of Frequently Raising the Heart to God

Verdant Green: Sanctification of Sunday

Celestial Blue: Fervor in Prayer (daily prayers)

Violet: Self-Denial (make sacrifices and learn to be obedient)

White: Pious actions (the Rosary, the Scapular, and Eucharistic Adoration)


  1. love it. how thoughtful of those girls who would want to give the pins to a loved one. :)

  2. Thanks for adding to my Homemade Gifts Link-Up and for spreading the word. Love your ideas!



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