St. Cecilia ~ Piety

   11-st-ceciliaAs music played, Cecilia sang to God, ‘make my heart immaculate that I might not be put to shame.’ (Cantantibus Organis)
November  22nd  ~ Memorial of St. Cecilia, virgin and martyr
There were 20 girls in attendance at our Nov. 6 meeting.  Majority of the girls attended First Saturday Mass together.  The meeting was a bit different than previous meetings.  We divided the girls into groups of 5-6.  Each group rotated between 4 stations.
    1. coloring page – the girls were able to get a jump start on their St. Cecilia coloring page and get a little social time.
    2. The Colors of Piety frame – Mrs. A and Mrs. R helped the girls create a colorful piety frame.
    3. piety pin – Mrs. Aranas was head designer at the pin station.
    4. memory verse skip-it.  - Mrs. P and Rose led physical exercise outside.  The girls jumped/skipped to their memory verse.  Father S attempted to join the girls but his boots were too big for the skip-it ring
The girls learned about St. Cecilia and why she was chosen for the virtue of Piety. 
We used Father Lasance’s Colors of Piety to better explain the virtue.  Each craft was based on The Colors of Piety.

28_40The Colors Of Piety
Rosy Red: Zeal in hearing Mass
Scarlet Orange: Works of Charity
Bright Gold: Practice of Frequently Raising the Heart to God
Verdant Green: Sanctification of Sunday
Celestial Blue: Fervor in Prayer (daily prayers)
Violet: Self-Denial (make sacrifices and learn to be obedient)
White: Pious actions (the Rosary, the Scapular, and Eucharistic Adoration)

Father L visited the girls.  He spoke about All Souls Day and our role in praying for those in purgatory.
Little Flowers Wreath I Patch Set

Once again, you are welcome to place the current Wreath Badge onto your Little Flowers sash, once you determine that your LF has mastered the virtue and knowledge of the saint.
AR used Boy Scout double sided tape to adhere the badge to H’s sash.

 Piety Craft Page
piety pins joy colors of piety of frame joy
Patron: Albi, France; composers; martyrs; music; musicians; musical instrument makers; archdiocese of Omaha, Nebraska; poets; singers.
Symbols: Holding a lute; playing the organ; holding roses.


  1. beautiful activities ! I love the holy card and the picture of St. Celcilia on the scrapbook page, since I've not known St. Cecilia to be in anything opther than pink. so the blue and white gowns are lovely.

  2. I love all of this sooooo much! The crafts are too much! I really really wish I would have had time to make a St. Cecilia post this year (she's my confirmation saint) but it didn't work out. I really want to do some of this with my daughter! In your post with the frame, the printable link isn't working. Thanks for posting all of this! :-)

    PS. I totally get my popsicle sticks from the Dollar Tree, too!

  3. happy to share.

    lacy - thanks for the update. the link should be fixed.

  4. Why do you have the link for the divider page when it is set to private and can't be accessed? I love the piety pins! I think I'm going to make those with our LF group.



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