2nd Sunday of Advent

2nd Sunday of Advent ~ Reflection with Mother Teresa


“I took the change [of plan] as God sent—to get stronger to prepare my body and soul for His coming. Here I have nothing to think about—except how to live for others.” ~ Mother Teresa

Isaiah 11:1–10; Romans 15:4–9; Matthew 3:1–12

The ascetism of John the Baptist and the self-sacrifice of Mother Teresa are astonishing testaments to their faith. Think of one concrete step you can take to welcome Christ’s presence in your life.


benedict-pope-reflections-web-150 Advent is particularly suited to being a season lived in communion with all those who—and thanks be to God they are numerous—hope for a more just and a more fraternal world.
In this commitment to justice, people of every nationality and culture, believers and non-believers, can to a certain extent meet. Indeed, they are all inspired by a common desire, even if their motivations are different, for a future of justice and peace.
Pope Benedict XVI, Homily in Celebration of the First Vespers
of the First Sunday of Advent, December 2,


advent_come_symbol Come, Lord, give to us your peace. Then with hearts perfected we may joy in your presence.


Advent & Christmas with Pop Benedict – The USCCB is providing a downloadable book of scriptural reflections for Advent and Christmas featuring the words of Pope Benedict XVI from homilies, speeches and other addresses during his papacy. The 37-page document includes a scripture quote and a reflection from the Holy Father for every day of Advent, which begins on Sunday, November 28, 2010, through the 7th Day in the Octave of Christmas, December 31, 2010. "Advent & Christmas with Pope Benedict XVI" is a preview of the upcoming publication "A Year with Pope Benedict XVI," which will be available soon from USCCB.

Advent Meditations – Mother Teresa

Praying Advent - Creighton University publishes a number of articles and worship aids for Advent on the Online Ministries Web site.

Advent Catholic Treasures - St. Anthony Messenger Press - 2010 Advent feature offers reflections to inform, inspire and help Catholics prepare for Christmas.



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